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Full Title: Intercultural Pragmatics and Cultural Linguistics

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Start Date: 16-Jul-2017 - 21-Jul-2017
Contact: Ulrike Schröder
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Meeting Description: Intercultural Pragmatics and Cultural Linguistics
(Ulrike Schröder & Hans-Georg Wolf & Farzad Sharifian)

Recently, critique has been leveled against the primary focus of many pragmatic studies on functional aspects such as action patterns, co-orientation and coordination in talk, while cognitive aspects concurrently involved in the process of co-construction of meaning have been largely excluded (Deppermann 2012). Especially when it comes to cross-linguistic, cross-cultural, and intercultural matters, this tendency often goes along with the avoidance of entering the problematic field of tabooed claims about ‘culture,’ since in poststructuralist approaches to intercultural communication, group bearers and sharers of culture have fallen into disrepute due to the suspicion of essentialism (Wolf 2015; Schröder 2015).

Cultural Linguistics is a multidisciplinary field of research that explores the entrenchment of language in culture-specific conceptualizations comprising schemata, categories, prototypes and metaphors (Sharifian 2015: 474; Sharifian 2011). As opposed to the traditional view of Cognitive Linguistics, Cultural Linguistics emphasizes the dynamic aspects of such concepts that emerge by ‘distributed cognition’ (Sharifian 2003) in the interaction of the participants of a speech community. This view entails that conceptualizations do not necessarily correspond to the L1 of a speaker but can also represent the result of a particular cultural environment where new cultural conceptualisations emerge as a synthesis of intercultural contacts. English as a lingua franca is just one example of a research field where the emergence of such concepts is actually being studied (Wolf & Polzenhagen 2006). In the field of intercultural pragmatics, especially the work of Kecses (2013, 2015; Kecskes & Horn 2007) has called upon the exploration of the sociocultural and cognitive dimensions of intercultural communication, showing how semantics and pragmatics are intertwined by way of language use and context. Finally, we can observe interesting developments pointing to possible interfaces in the work related to metaphor and gesture in real interaction (Cienki 2008; Müller 2008; Müller, Cienki, Fricke et al. 2013), although there is still a need for bringing those studies to the realm of culture.

The aim of this panel is to bring together scholars who want to discuss the dialogue between intercultural pragmatics and Cultural Linguistics from a theoretical and empirical perspective. Hence, we welcome papers based on epistemological, theoretical and methodological questions related to this interconnection, as well as those which present results of cross-cultural, as well as intercultural research.
Linguistic Subfield: Anthropological Linguistics; Pragmatics
LL Issue: 27.2750

This is a session of the following meeting:
15th International Pragmatics Conference

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