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Conference Information

Full Title: Translation 4.0: Translation in the Digital Age

Short Title: LICTRA
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Start Date: 12-Mar-2017 - 16-Mar-2017
Contact: Christine Paasch-Kaiser, Johannes Härtel
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Meeting Description: The tenth Leipzig International Conference on Translation Studies is taking place at the Institute for Applied Linguistics and Translatology, University of Leipzig on 12-16 March 2017. The conference title is “Translation 4.0 – Translation in the Digital Age”.

While recent LICTRA congresses have focussed on T&I didactics (1997), T&I competence (2004), translation quality (2007) and international synergies in T&I research (2010), the tenth in the series will concentrate on where T&I studies stand in the light of digitalization and in the age of industry 4.0 or Internet 4.0, as the increasing use of internet technology to facilitate communication between humans, machines and products is often known. The technological building blocks of this world are cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things, which describes a process whereby the computer as a stand-alone device will lose much of its importance as a network of identifiably different “intelligent” physical objects – things – is built up in a structure that is reminiscent or a development of the Internet.

At the core of LICTRA 2017 will be the analysis of major current and future problems as well as more “classical” questions regarding the effects that this new dynamic and these technical developments will have on translation itself and on the constantly developing avenues of T&I research. Among the particularly relevant issues that will be debated in Leipzig are:

Industry 4.0 – Internet 4.0: Translation 4.0?

- Changes in research paradigms, the linguistic (re)turn and interweaving approaches in T&I research
- Audiovisual translation
- Globalisation, localisation, post-editing, machine translation and corpus-based translation studies
- Current trends in interpreting studies; between cognitive linguistics and social sciences
- Corpus-based interpreting research
- Sign language interpreting
- Meaning relations in source and target text
- Phraseology in technical translation; phraseology and variation
- The difficulty with evaluating quality in translation – evaluation, correction and criticism as problems
- Ideology, power, conflict and translation

We propose that LICTRA 2017 should explore and debate these aspects, which are all currently of acute relevance for T&I studies. They should all be seen in the light of the conference’s overarching topic, namely Translation 4.0 – translation in the digital age, and in the context of constantly changing conditions of communication created by new applications of Internet technology.

LICTRA is also a forum for young researchers and aims to help young academics from Germany and abroad gain an overview of the current state of research, to give them the opportunity of making their mark on the international stage and to make valuable personal contacts, gaining ideas and partners for research projects. We look forward to greeting as many of you as possible and to enjoying productive discussions with you.

Carsten Sinner | Christine Paasch-Kaiser | Johannes Härtel
Linguistic Subfield: Cognitive Science; Sociolinguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics; Translation
LL Issue: 27.4127

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