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Full Title: GReG PLS.5 Linguistic Correction/Correctness

Short Title: GREG PLS 5 Correction
Location: Paris Nanterre, France
Start Date: 17-Nov-2017 - 18-Nov-2017
Contact: Martine Sekali
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Meeting Description: For its fifth conference, the GReG Linguistics Research Group wishes to gather researchers from various theoretical frameworks in linguistics to focus on the notion of correction in language. As a polysemous term in French, correction may refer to the state of being correct (correctness in English) or the process by which something is made correct.

In its stative meaning the concept refers to a form of acceptability, grammaticality, linguistic propriety or observance of convention, in other words, conformity with a norm.

In its dynamic meaning it calls to mind processes of rectification or remediation engaged in by the speaker, addressee or a third party. Correcting means adjusting a linguistic production in order to minimize what is perceived as a gap with respect to a target norm.
In both its meanings, ''correction'' invites us to think about the nature of the standard norm from which it is inseparable. This research topic raises the issue of semantic, syntactic, pragmatic, prosodic, etc. gaps with respect to the norm. What is the often implicit norm according to which we correct ourselves and others? Who or what is responsible for defining the norm? Should it be understood as a statistical pattern defined in terms of frequency of use or as an evaluative standard imposed onto others by a subgroup of speakers?

The notion of correction calls into play the concept of linguistic variation, both in a synchronic perspective (since various systems, and therefore various norms, co-exist within a single language) and in a diachronic perspective (linguistic change resulting from originally deviant productions gradually integrated into language).

The languages of the conference are French and English.

Venue : Université Paris Nanterre (France)
Linguistic Subfield: Discourse Analysis; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Psycholinguistics; Sociolinguistics
LL Issue: 28.582

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