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Full Title: Metamorphoses of Languages, Literatures and Teaching and Learning of them - Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives

Short Title: MLLTL-DSP
Location: Coimbatore, India
Start Date: 25-Apr-2017 - 26-Apr-2017
Contact: Dr.T.Muthukrishnan Dr.S. Sundarabalu
Meeting Email: click here to access email
Meeting Description: It is a known fact that the subject of Linguistic research called 'Language' has been changing its colours and shape by the impact of social change and for the purpose of the changing needs of the dynamic society. No language is static and all living languages are dynamic. Similarly, the forms and contents of the literatures in languages are also changing in a significant manner in modern times. Moreover, new genres of literature are in vogue now-a-days. So, plenty of linguistic and literary approaches are being adopted by linguists and literary scholars. Research approaches are also changing. The dynamics of language have been studied by linguists in many perspectives viz., phonetic change, change in writing system, etymology, influence, interference, borrowing, code-switching, code mixing, semantic change, ontogenic change, phylogenic change, reconstruction, diglossia, etc. Similarly, the method of teaching and learning a language also had many amendments (Grammar translation method, Direct method, Communicative method, Task based approach, Structural approach etc.) Keeping the sea of changes that have taken place both in language analysis and language teaching methods in mind, if we look at the modern languages, whether it is English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, or even tribal languages, we can unearth quite a number of interesting features in them and also in imparting those languages. In the same fashion, the literature is also being researched and taught from different viewpoints as modern day genres of literature provides a number of domains for applying various approaches in order to understand the totality of literature and its changes both in form and theme. This rationale prompted us to provide a platform, namely, an international conference for deliberating the cited research issues with innovative stances for the purpose of bettering the linguistic science as a field of enquiry, as a practice and literary research as well.
Linguistic Subfield: Applied Linguistics; General Linguistics; History of Linguistics
LL Issue: 28.894

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