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Conference Information

Full Title: Discourse Markers and Experimental Pragmatics

Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Start Date: 26-Jul-2015 - 31-Jul-2015
Contact: Inés Recio
Meeting Email: click here to access email
Meeting Description: Discourse Markers and Experimental Pragmatics
Óscar Loureda, Adriana Cruz, Inés Recio (Research Group DPKog)

From a cognitive approach to discourse, utterance interpretation is widely assumed to be performed by means of inferential computations. As a result, it is expectable for languages to have specific devices at their disposal that minimize the addressee’s cognitive effort in her aim to process the meaning of what is uttered.

Due to their fundamentally procedural meaning (cf. Blakemore 1987, 2002; Blass 1990; Wilson & Sperber 1993, Fraser 1999 among many others), discourse markers constrain the inferential processes in communication guiding the hearer or reader to the expectable cognitive effects and contributing to minimize her processing effort. As a result, as intentional communication devices, it seems plausible that discourse markers could constitute an attentional focus in discourse comprehension and production.

Compared to the abundance of descriptive studies based on observation, experimental studies on discourse markers are still rather scarce. However, evidence from experiments of a psychological nature can give a good account of the reactions (processing efforts) to given stimuli (utterances), what at the same time could help confirming or discarding hypothesis obtained by other approaches to pragmatic research (Noveck & Sperber 2004). Therefore, the aim of our panel is precisely to create a forum for scientific discussion in which complementary experimental approaches to the study of discourse markers can be presented.
Linguistic Subfield: Applied Linguistics; Cognitive Science; Discourse Analysis; General Linguistics; Neurolinguistics; Pragmatics; Psycholinguistics
LL Issue: 25.3273

This is a session of the following meeting:
14th International Pragmatics Conference

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