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Full Title: 18th Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference

Short Title: 18-HSC
Location: Nitra, Slovakia
Start Date: 18-Sep-2014 - 20-Sep-2014
Contact: Ildiko Vanco
Meeting Email: click here to access email
Meeting URL:
Meeting Description: The Institute of Hungarian Language and Literature, Faculty of Central European Studies, Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia; its close associate, the László Arany A. Civic Society, Nitra; and the Gramma Language Office, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia are honored to invite you to the 18th Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference in Nitra, Slovakia, on September 18–20, 2014.

The languages of the conference are Czech, English, Hungarian, Slovak, other Slavic languages.

Hungarian sociolinguistic and dialectological research has for several decades now oriented itself to a more or less hidden reference point, namely, the category of the standard (sztenderd, standard, irodalmi nyelv, or köznyelv in Hungarian). The standard was traditionally regarded as a cornerstone and basis of assessment in Hungarian language culture (and in Hungarian culture in general), but this has changed in the past 30-40 years. The category of the standard, which constituted, for 150 (or even 200) years, the most important theoretical and hypothetical, central variety of Hungarian linguistics – regarded as the variety to be scientifically codified and, at the same time, as already codified – ceased to be the focus of linguistic description in the past 20-30 years.

One reason for this change was the earlier overestimation, when everything was measured against the standard as an absolute. Another reason has been the change in how the nature and status of the standard have been perceived – a phenomenon clearly connected to processes of social and cultural change among the Hungarians of the Carpathian Basin, especially as triggered by the changes of 1989. The intensive activity and results of Hungarian sociolinguistic research as well as the modernization of dialectology and its connections with sociolinguistics make it necessary to consider an overview of the notion of the standard and a partial synthesis of the issues.

The 18th Hungarian Sociolinguistics Conference aims to consciously foreground the findings regarding the current state of the standard, complementing it with an overview of interconnected issues and tendencies of change.

The main topics of the conference will be as follows:
- To what extent has the standard itself changed?
- How has its status and inner organization changed?
- What do we know about the relationship between the standard and the other varieties?
- Is this relationship monocentric and hierarchical or network-like?

We invite papers on the following issues within the above topics:

The standard and:

- variability in pronunciation
- variability in meaning
- variability in grammar
- variability in vocabulary
- the regional dialects
- sociolects, social strata and groups
- towns
- bilingualism
- mother tongue education
- public education
- language planning
- language cultivation
Linguistic Subfield: Sociolinguistics
Subject Language: Hungarian
LL Issue: 24.3215

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