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"Buenos dias", "buenas noches" -- this was the first words in a foreign language I heard in my life, as a three-year old boy growing up in developing post-war Western Germany, where the first gastarbeiters had arrived from Spain. Fascinated by the strange sounds, I tried to get to know some more languages, the only opportunity being TV courses of English and French -- there was no foreign language education for pre-teen school children in Germany yet in those days. Read more

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May 2014

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2nd International Conference on Education and Language 2014 (2nd ICEL 2014)
3rd International Conference ‘Cross-Curricularity in Language Education’
3rd International Conference on Phonology and Phonetics (ICPP)
BAAL / Cambridge University Press Applied Linguistics Seminar Programme 2014: Languages in the UK
Change and Variation in Canada 8 (CVC 8)
English Across Space and Time (EAST)
The English Classroom: Experiences and Experiments (COR)

June 2014

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17th Warwick International Postgraduate Conference in Applied Linguistics (17th PG Conference)
2014 Korean Society for Language and Information Workshop on Meaning and Cognition (2014 KSLI Workshop)
4th International Conference on Law, Translation and Culture (LTC4)
5th International Conference of the Institute of Foreign Languages: Word Across Cultures (ICIFL5)
International Conference on Digital Security and Forensics (DigitalSec2014)
International Seminar on Semiotics, Pragmatics, and Culture with One-Day Course in Sign Linguistics (Pragmatics & SignLanguage)
Language Learning Strategies: Challenges for the Future
Studying Language in Mind: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Research Methodology
Syntax and Semantics of Experiencers: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

July 2014

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3rd Department of African Languages and Literature International Conference (3rd ALL)
3rd International Conference on Language, Society, and Culture in Asian Contexts (LSCAC 2014)
5th International Conference on Phonology and Morphology (ICPM)
Culture et valeurs :transmission des discours, des objets et des pratiques (CALS)
European Conference on Language Learning 2014 (ECLL2014)
German Abroad: Variationist, Language Contact and Multilingualism Research Perspectives
Gestural Coordination Within and Between Speakers in 1st Language Phonological Acquisition (Session of 14th Conference on Laboratory Phonology )
Getting to the Bottom of Modal Particles
Intelligent Linguistic Technologies 2014 (ILINTEC’14)
Language Change and Innovation
Representing Alterity in Society in Crisis
Réseaux Lexicaux et Traitment des Langues Naturelles (RLTLN)

August 2014

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1st International Conference on Endangered Languages in Nigeria
1st International DINAFON Meeting (DINAFON 2014)
1st Workshop on Applying NLP Tools to Similar Languages, Varieties and Dialects (VarDial)
49th Annual International Conference on Salish and Neighbouring Languages (ICSNL 49)
4th Central European Conference in Linguistics for Graduate Students (CECIL'S 4)
4th International Workshop on Computational Terminology (Session of 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics )
8th Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW VIII 2014)
Celtic Language Technology Workshop 2014 (CLTW 2014)
Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon (CogALex)
Concept Types and Frames in Language, Cognition, and Science (CTF’14)
Language Phenomena in Urban Society
Special Track on the Syntactic Analysis of Non-Canonical Language (Session of Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages & Syntactic Analysis of Non-canonical Languages )
Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages & Syntactic Analysis of Non-canonical Languages (SPMRL-SANCL 2014)
      Session: Special Track on the Syntactic Analysis of Non-Canonical Language
Workshop on Lexical and Grammatical Resources for Language Processing (LG-LP 2014)
X Workshop on Formal Linguistics (X WFL)

September 2014

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14th International Symposium on Processability Approaches to Language Acquisition (PALA)
18th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (SemDial)
29th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW29)
2nd International Conference on Interactivity, Language and Cognition (CILC II)
2nd International Conference on Language Skills: Working with Text and around Text
2nd Postgraduate and Academic Researchers in Linguistics at York Conference (PARLAY 2014)
3rd Conference-School
3rd International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Structure, Use, and Meaning in Intercultural Settings (SUM2014)
43rd Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest (LASSO)
4th International Conference Mande Languages and Linguistics (Mandelang-4)
6th Brno Conference on Linguistics Studies in English 2014 (BCLSE)
6th Conference on Tone and Intonation in Europe (TIE6)
6th International Conference Human Language Technologies: The Baltic Perspective (HLT2014)
6th International Conference on Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory (MGDLT6)
9th International Conference on the Mental Lexicon (ML 2014)
Bias in Auditory Perception
      Session: Bias in Speech Perception
Bias in Speech Perception (Session of Bias in Auditory Perception )
Computational Linguistics in Bulgaria 2014 (CLIB-2014)
Downscaling Culture: Revisiting Intercultural Communication
Germanic Society of Forensic Linguistics (GSFL)
Greek Language and Spoken Communication
International Conference on Grammatical Inference (ICGI 2014)
International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies in Modern Languages (CILLEC II)
Italian Language and Literature in a Synchronic and Diachronic Perspective
Klagenfurt Conference on Corpus-Based Applied Linguistics (CALK14)
Langage et analogie
Learning Professional Foreign Languages for Communication between Cultures (ILC2014)
Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea 2014 Annual Meeting
SinFonIJA 7
Sociocultural Competence & Language Learning in Multilingual Settings (SCLL2014)
Special Track Computational Intelligence (ACM-MEDES Conference)
Tampere Linguistics Forum – Linguistic Codification and Normalization Processes in Europe (TLF2)
Technology for Second Language Learning Conference (TSLL)
Welsh Syntax Workshop (WSW)
Workshop Maps & Grammar
Workshop on Learning Biases in Natural and Artificial Language Acquisition
Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics (TEAL-9)
Workshop: From Sentence to Text and Back Again
XXIX Congreso de la AJL

October 2014

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15th Conference of the Texas Linguistic Society (TLS15)
1st International Conference Hebrew and Yiddish in the Context of Contemporary Education
1st Symposium on Intonation and Tone in the Spanish-speaking World (InToSpan)
2014 International Conference on Phonetic Research and Language Learning & English Phonetic Conference in China (ICPRLL & EPCC)
2014 International Symposium on Verbs, Clauses and Constructions (VCC2014)
2014 UIC Bilingualism Forum (BilForum)
2nd International Conference & Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication (ICESVC)
2nd International Conference on Translation and Interpreting Studies (TRANSLATA II)
      Session: Workshop on Human-Machine Interaction in Translation
      Session: Workshop on Legal Translation
      Session: Workshop on Translation of Humo(u)r
36e Colloque international de linguistique fonctionnelle (SILF2014)
45th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistics Society (NELS 45)
4th Annual Meeting of the Language and Social Interaction Working Group (LANSI)
4th Chinese National Conference on Cognitive Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition (CLSLA 2014)
5th International Conference on Teaching and Learning of the English Language in Asia (TLEiA5)
6th Asian Translation Traditions Conference (ATT6)
African Culture as a Factor of Development: Viable Cultural Industries for Sustainable Development (DJSL)
Best Practices in Teaching and Learning Languages (iCLS2014)
Classroom-Oriented Research: Observing Learning and Teaching
Cognitive Linguistics and Pragmatics: Theory and Practice (CLP 2014)
Evidentiality and Corpus Linguistics (Session of International Conference on Evidentiality and Modality in European Languages 2014 )
Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference (ERP)
      Session: Workshop on Specific Language Impairment
GermEval 2014 Named Entity Recognition Shared Task
Greek Future Expressions and Their History
II Forensic Linguistics Conference (III Jornadas In-formativas de Lingüística Forense) (3JLF)
International Conference on Applied Linguistics and Language Education (ICALLE2014)
International Conference on Child Foreign Language Acquisition
International Conference on Evidentiality and Modality in European Languages 2014 (EMEL'14)
      Session: Workshop on Evidentiality, Mirativity and Modality
      Session: Evidentiality and the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface
      Session: Evidentiality and Corpus Linguistics
International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting (IPCITI)
Languaging Diversity 2014 (Ldiv 2014)
Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting 2014 (METM14)
Midwest Association of Language Testers Conference 2014 (MwALT)
New Ways of Analyzing Variation 43 (NWAV 43)
Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition in Hispanic and General Linguistics (PSUxLing) (PSUxLing)
Pragmatic Markers, Discourse Markers and Modal Particles (PragmaComo)
RALFe 2014: 3rd Fall Meeting on Formal Linguistics : Language(s) and Cognition (RALFe 2014)
Second Language Research Forum (SLRF 2014) (SLRF 2014)
System Changes in the Languages of Russia
Una cercana diacronía opaca: El español del siglo XIX, Coloquio internacional
Urban Space Research Network Symposion (USRN)
Wonders and Miracles in Antiquity and Byzantium
Workshop on Databases and Corpora in Linguistics
Workshop on Human-Machine Interaction in Translation (Session of 2nd International Conference on Translation and Interpreting Studies )
Workshop on Immigrant Languages in America 5 (WILA5)
Workshop on Legal Translation (Session of 2nd International Conference on Translation and Interpreting Studies )
Workshop on Specific Language Impairment (Session of Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference )
Workshop on Translation of Humo(u)r (Session of 2nd International Conference on Translation and Interpreting Studies )

November 2014

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12th Philippine Linguistics Congress (12PLC)
2nd Interdisciplinary Conference in Linguistics, Literature, and Translation (LTCI)
5th Conference on Language and Technology 2014 (CLT14)
5th International Conference on Arabic Language Processing (CITALA'14)
5th Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC 2014)
6th International Conference on Formal Linguistics in Conjunction with International Conference on Language Acquisition, Language Disorder and Language Assessment (ICFL-2014)
6th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Amazigh (TICAM)
AUSIT Biennial Conference 14: Transition Into the Future
Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD)
Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language (CSDL 12 (2014))
Energie, environnement et écologie : apports croisés entre langues, cultures, disciplines
Formal Approaches to Creole Studies 4 (FACS-4)
Hispanic Linguistic Symposium 2014 (HLS 2014)
Ibero-American Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IBERAMIA 2014)
Interactional Competences in Institutional Practices (ICIP14)
International Conference ICT for Language Learning
International Seminar on Psycholinguistics III (SEAPSILIII)
International Workshop on Children’s Acquisition and Processing of Head-Final Languages (CAPHL)
Journée d’étude : Enseigner et apprendre le FLE en contexte
Language Testing Forum 2014 (LTF 2014)
Linguistics Beyond and Within 2014 (LingBaW 2014)
Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association 25th Annual Conference (MAPACA)
Practical Applications of Language Corpora (PALC 2014)
Quality Television: Zwischen Laudatio und In Memoriam (QTV)
Romania Nova VII
The Changing Landscape of Professional Discourse / Fachkommunikation im Wandel
The Linguistic Heritage and Development of Yu.S. Maslov's Ideas
The Sound of Indo-European 3 (SIE 3)
Topics in Applied Linguistics: Spoken and Written Interaction (TAL 2014)
Uralic and Siberian Lexicology and Lexicography

December 2014

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13th International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories (TLT13) (TLT13)
15th Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology (SST 2014)
1st Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (CLIC-it 2014)
20ste Frysk Filologekongres (20th Frisian Philologists' Conference)
20th International Conference of IAWE
28th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computing (PACLIC 28)
2nd Asian and European Linguistic Conference (AE LINK 2014)
3rd GDUFS Forum on Applied Linguistics
3rd International Conference on Cultures and Languages in Contact
5th International Scientific Conference Croatian as a Second and Foreign Language (5th HIDIS)
6th CLS International Conference (CLaSIC 2014)
8th International Conference on Native and Non-native Accents of English (ACCENTS 2014)
Arabic in Contact: Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Perspectives (ArCo2014)
Australian Society for French Studies (ASFS)
Awareness of the Past Among Khmer People and Their Neighbours
CogLingDays 6
Dialect Syntax: The State of the Art
International Conference on Language, Literature and Culture, 2014 (ICLLC 2014)
Regional Conference of the International Association of Forensic Linguistics IAFL 2014 (FLFFA 2014)
Variation in Language Acquisition (ViLA 2)

January 2015

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American Name Society Annual Conference (Session of Linguistic Society of America 2015 Annual Meeting )
Fabula Agitur! Theatrical and Artistic Practices in Grenoble
SHESL-HTL2015 Corpora and Linguistic Knowledge (SHESL-HTL2015)

February 2015

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12th International Columbia School Conference (12th CSLS Conference)
4th International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (4th ICLDC)
      Session: Sponsored Special Sessions on Pedagogy in Language Conservation
4th International Postgraduate Conference on Language and Cognition (ELC4)
DIACHRO 7 - Le français en diachronie (DIACHRO 7)
Sponsored Special Sessions on Pedagogy in Language Conservation (Session of 4th International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation )

March 2015

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25th Conference on Spanish in the United States (SiUS 2015)
International Conference on Language Form and Function (ICLFF)
Le français à travers le monde
Queering Translation: Translating the Queer

April 2015

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7th Lodz Symposium: New Developments in Linguistic Pragmatics (NDLP2015)
A Germanic Sandwich 2015
GUST English Language and Literature 2nd International Conference (GELL)

May 2015

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2015 International Conference on Applied Linguistics (2015 ICAL)
4th International Symposium 'Discourse Markers in Romance Languages: A Contrastive Approach'
Pragmatics of Grammar: Negation and Polarity (PRAGNEP)

June 2015

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14e Colloque Association Internationale de Psychomécanique (AIPL)
Changing English: Integrating Cognitive, Social and Typological Perspectives (ChangE 2015)
Latin Linguistics Toulouse 2015 (18th ICLL)
Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centring and (De)standardization

July 2015

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13th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics (13-ICAL)
14th International Pragmatics Conference
2nd International Conference on Sign Language Acquisition (ICSLA2015)
Linguistic Approaches to Endangered Languages: Theory and Description (LAEL 2015)

September 2015

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VIII Congress of the International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics (SIDG)

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