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Dec 2021

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1st Workshop on Conversational AI in Indian Languages  [Silchar] [16-Dec-2021 - 16-Dec-2021]
25th International Conference on Yue Dialects  [Hong Kong (online)] [18-Dec-2021 - 19-Dec-2021]
6th Conference on Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory (LDLT6)  [Online and at SOAS, University of London] [17-Dec-2021 - 18-Dec-2021]
Language Documentation, Interdisciplinary Theory and Sustainable Development Goals  [Online (SOAS, London)] [16-Dec-2021 - 16-Dec-2021]
Logic and Algorithms in Computational Linguistics 2021 (LACompLing2021)  [Montpellier Online] [13-Dec-2021 - 17-Dec-2021]
Workshop on Empirical and Theoretical Approaches to Intonation in Endangered and Lesser Studied Languages  [Online (SOAS, London)] [16-Dec-2021 - 16-Dec-2021]
Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities (NLP4DH)  [Silchar (online)] [16-Dec-2021 - 19-Dec-2021]

Jan 2022

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Agency and Intentions in Language 2 (AIL2)  [Harvey Mudd College (virtual)] [12-Jan-2022 - 14-Jan-2022]
ETLTC2022 International Conference on Technical Communication and New Media, Educational Technology and Technology Assisted Language Learning (ETLTC2022)  [Aizuwakamatsu] [25-Jan-2022 - 28-Jan-2022]
First Interdisciplinary Workshop on Phonology and Dyslexia  [Donostia-San Sebastián & Online] [26-Jan-2022 - 26-Jan-2022]
Fonologi i Norden (FiNo)  [Aarhus] [13-Jan-2022 - 14-Jan-2022]
Jornadas internacionales de tipología lingüística (Segundo encuentro del Proyecto 25 de la ALFAL) (Tipología II (ALFAL))  [Santiago de Compostela] [10-Jan-2022 - 12-Jan-2022]
Old World Conference on Phonology (OCP2022)  [Donostia/San Sebastián] [27-Jan-2022 - 27-Jan-2022]
Workshop internacional de tipologia linguística (Tipologia II (ALFAL))  [Santiago de Compostela] [10-Jan-2022 - 12-Jan-2022]

Feb 2022

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47th Incontro di Grammatica Generativa (IGG47)  [Catania] [24-Feb-2022 - 26-Feb-2022]
7th Workshop on Turkic and Languages in Contact with Turkic (Tu+7)  [University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT] [18-Feb-2022 - 19-Feb-2022]
9th National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language (9th NSSHL)  [Tallahassee, Florida] [24-Feb-2022 - 26-Feb-2022]
Jahrestagung Linguistische Pragmatik 2022: Pragmatik multimodal (ALP-Jahrestagung 2022)  [Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen] [22-Feb-2022 - 22-Feb-2022]
Morphology in production and perception: Phonetics, phonology and spelling of complex words (MPP2022)  [Düsseldorf] [07-Feb-2022 - 09-Feb-2022]
Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence - NLPinAI 2022 (NLPinAI)  [Online] [03-Feb-2022 - 05-Feb-2022]
Southwest Popular/American Culture Association (SWPCA)  [Albuquerque, NM] [23-Feb-2022 - 26-Feb-2022]
Teaching Chinese Language and Culture: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow  [Moscow] [16-Feb-2022 - 18-Feb-2022]
Texas Linguistics Society 2022 (TLS 2022)  [Austin, TX (University of Texas at Austin)] [11-Feb-2022 - 12-Feb-2022]
The Arctic: developments from the perspective of the humanities  [Moscow (Hybrid)] [15-Feb-2022 - 16-Feb-2022]

Mar 2022

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2. FI-DACH-Tagung: Finnisch/Finnland in deutschsprachigen Ländern – Deutsch/deutschsprachige Länder in Finnland  [Turku] [10-Mar-2022 - 11-Mar-2022]
33rd Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing (ESSV)  [Sonderborg] [02-Mar-2022 - 04-Mar-2022]
35th Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics  [Washington, D.C] [25-Mar-2022 - 27-Mar-2022]
46th Penn Linguistics Conference (PLC 46)  [Philadelphia / Online] [18-Mar-2022 - 20-Mar-2022]
6th Belgrade International Meeting of English Phoneticians (BIMEP 2022)  [Belgrade] [25-Mar-2022 - 26-Mar-2022]
A Germanic Sandwich 2022 (GS2022)  [University of Cologne] [17-Mar-2022 - 18-Mar-2022]
Demo Session (Session of International Conference on the Computational Processing of Portuguese)
Georgetown University Roundtable 2022: Dialect Contact (GURT 2022)  [Online] [10-Mar-2022 - 13-Mar-2022]
International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics (SIDG) (SIDG)  [Bucharest] [24-Mar-2022 - 28-Mar-2022]
      Session: Xth Congress of the International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics (SIDG)
Memory and Imagination (TAELS 7th Conf)  [Hammamet or Sousse - TBD] [07-Mar-2022 - 08-Mar-2022]
Representation in Languages, Literature and Arts: What mutations in the digital era?  [Rabat] [30-Mar-2022 - 31-Mar-2022]
Society for Affective Science 2022 Annual Conference (SAS2022)  [ONLINE (all-virtual format)] [30-Mar-2022 - 02-Apr-2022]
The Future of Post Pandemic University Education  [Virtual] [02-Mar-2022 - 03-Mar-2022]
Theoretical Linguistics at Keio Semantics Conference (TaLK)  [Keio University, Mita campus, Tokyo] [02-Mar-2022 - 04-Mar-2022]

Apr 2022

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10th International Research Conference Topical Issues of Linguistics and Teaching Methods in Business and Professional Communication (TILTMBPC)  [Moscow] [22-Apr-2022 - 23-Apr-2022]
10th International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech (New Sounds 2022)  [Barcelona] [20-Apr-2022 - 22-Apr-2022]
2022 Research Incubator of the North American Research Network for Historical Sociolinguistics (2022 NARNiHS ResearchIncubator)  [Online] [21-Apr-2022 - 23-Apr-2022]
20th Villetaneuse Conference on Spoken English (ALOES2022)  [Villetaneuse] [01-Apr-2022 - 02-Apr-2022]
22. Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium (NLK)  [Oldenburg] [07-Apr-2022 - 08-Apr-2022]
24th Workshop on American Indigenous Languages (WAIL 24)  [University of California, Santa Barbara, California] [08-Apr-2022 - 09-Apr-2022]
52nd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL 52)  [Madison, Wisconsin] [21-Apr-2022 - 23-Apr-2022]
53rd Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL53)  [San Diego] [07-Apr-2022 - 09-Apr-2022]
66th Annual Conference of the International Linguistic Association (ILA2022)  [Academic Building, 15 Seminary Place Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey] [01-Apr-2022 - 03-Apr-2022]
An International Conference On Accents & Innovations (The Association of Phoneticians and Phonologists in Nigeria) (APPNRUN 2022)  [Redeemer’s University, Ede, Osun State, Nigeria] [04-Apr-2022 - 07-Apr-2022]
Auviqsaqtut: the 22nd Inuit Studies Conference (ISC)  [Winnipeg, Manitoba] [06-Apr-2022 - 09-Apr-2022]
Chicago Linguistic Society 58 (CLS 58)  [Chicago, IL] [22-Apr-2022 - 24-Apr-2022]
Choosing your Words: Lexicalisation and Grammaticalisation in Greek and Latin  [University College London] [01-Apr-2022 - 02-Apr-2022]
Depicting grammatical categories in theoretical linguistics and language education (LiDi 2022)  [University of Kassel] [28-Apr-2022 - 29-Apr-2022]
Dynamics in Logic and Language: 3rd Tsinghua Interdisciplinary Workshop on Logic, Language and Meaning (TLLM2022)  [Beijing] [01-Apr-2022 - 03-Apr-2022]
English Studies at the Interface of Disciplines: Research and Practice 2022 (ESIDRP 2022)  [ONLINE (Skopje)] [07-Apr-2022 - 09-Apr-2022]
(Formal) Approaches to South Asian Languages 12 ((F)ASAL-12)  [Salt Lake City, Utah] [09-Apr-2022 - 10-Apr-2022]
II Brazilian Conference on Prosody (IICBP)  [Online] [25-Apr-2022 - 06-May-2022]
International Symposium on Monolingual and Bilingual Speech (ISMBS) 2022 (ISMBS 2022)  [Lafayette LA] [05-Apr-2022 - 08-Apr-2022]
Modern Linguistics & Language Didactics (LiDi Modern Linguistics & La)  [Kassel] [28-Apr-2022 - 29-Apr-2022]
Onomastic Conference “Anthroponyms and anthroponymic researches in the Beginning of 21th Century” (ConfZaimov2021)  [Sofia] [20-Apr-2022 - 21-Apr-2022]
Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association 2022 Joint National Conference: Language Attitudes & Popular Linguistics Area (PCA/ACA 2022)  [Seattle, Washington] [13-Apr-2022 - 16-Apr-2022]
Topical Issues of Linguistics and Teaching Methods in Business and Professional Communication (TILTMBPC)  [Moscow] [22-Apr-2022 - 23-Apr-2022]
XXXVII. Forum Junge Romanistik 2022 - Romania diversa: Potentiale und Herausforderungen  [Wien] [11-Apr-2022 - 13-Apr-2022]

May 2022

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10th International Symposium on Intercultural, Cognitive and Social Pragmatics (EPICS X)  [Seville] [23-May-2022 - 25-May-2022]
13th International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature (ILL13)  [Soorbonne University Paris] [31-May-2022 - 02-Jun-2022]
13th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM13)  [Rhodes] [19-May-2022 - 22-May-2022]
15th International Spring Forum 2022  [Online conference (with support from Chukyo University, Nagoya, JAPAN)] [14-May-2022 - 15-May-2022]
25th International Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (ISTAL25)  [Thessaloniki] [13-May-2022 - 15-May-2022]
9th International Colloquium on the History of Specialised Ibero-Romance Languages (CIHLIE IX)  [Barcelona] [12-May-2022 - 14-May-2022]
Current Trends in English Linguistics  [Oldenburg] [19-May-2022 - 20-May-2022]
English Pronunciation: Issues and Practices (EPIP7)  [Grenoble] [18-May-2022 - 20-May-2022]
Experiments in Linguistic Meaning 2 (ELM 2)  [Philadelphia] [19-May-2022 - 21-May-2022]
Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition 16 (GASLA 16)  [Trondheim] [12-May-2022 - 14-May-2022]
GReG P.L.S. 6 “Dis-orders of meaning: crisis discourse and counter-discourse” (GReG P.L.S. 6)  [Université Paris Nanterre] [05-May-2022 - 06-May-2022]
Hearing and Linguistics  [Oldenburg] [13-May-2022 - 14-May-2022]
Multimodal Tropes in Contemporary Corpora  [Lyon] [19-May-2022 - 21-May-2022]
Second Conference on the Endangered Languages of East Asia (CELEA2)  [Venice] [03-May-2022 - 05-May-2022]
Speech Prosody 2022  [Lisbon] [23-May-2022 - 26-May-2022]
Studies in the History of the English Language (SHEL-12)  [University of Washington, Seattle] [19-May-2022 - 21-May-2022]
The 60th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2022)  [Dublin] [22-May-2022 - 27-May-2022]
TRICKLET Conference  [Aachen] [19-May-2022 - 20-May-2022]
Word Formation and Discourse Structure (WFDS)  [Leipzig] [05-May-2022 - 06-May-2022]

Jun 2022

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11th Historical Sociolinguistics Network Conference (HiSoN-2022)  [Murcia] [01-Jun-2022 - 03-Jun-2022]
26th International Conference of the African Association for Lexicography (AFRILEX 2022)  [Stellenbosch] [27-Jun-2022 - 29-Jun-2022]
9th International Conference on Intercultural Pragmatics and Communication (INPRA9)  [Brisbane] [21-Jun-2022 - 23-Jun-2022]
Contrastive Linguistics: taking stock and looking forward in 2022. A conference in the honour of Jacqueline Guillemin-Flescher  [Paris Créteil] [09-Jun-2022 - 11-Jun-2022]
Gender, Society and Language: Interdisciplinary approaches to constructing and deconstructing gender in Latin America (part of the The X CEISAL International Conference) (CEISAL X)  [Helsinki] [13-Jun-2022 - 15-Jul-2022]
Grammar and Corpora 2022 (GaC 2022)  [Ghent] [30-Jun-2022 - 02-Jul-2022]
Grapholinguistics in the 21st Century (G21C)  [Palaiseau] [08-Jun-2022 - 10-Jun-2022]
International Hybrid Conference “Future Challenges in Early Language Learning and Multilingual Education” (ELLME2022)  [Granada] [22-Jun-2022 - 24-Jun-2022]
"I want to die": The Contemporary Writer and their Suicide (ACLA)  [Taiwan Normal University] [15-Jun-2022 - 18-Jun-2022]
Minor Finnic Languages 1 – Historical and Current Perspectives (MFL1)  [Uppsala] [02-Jun-2022 - 03-Jun-2022]
Onomatopoeia (Session of Word-Formation Theories IV / Typology and Universals in Word-Formation V)
Postmodality and the life cycles of modal expressions  [Caen] [02-Jun-2022 - 03-Jun-2022]
Semantics and Linguistic Theory 32 (SALT 32)  [Mexico City] [08-Jun-2022 - 10-Jun-2022]
Seminar: Arabic Literature in a Global Context (ACLA 2022)  [National Taiwan Normal University] [15-Jun-2022 - 18-Jun-2022]
Seventh International Conference on Functional Discourse Grammar (FDG2022)  [Conference Center Dopersduin, Oorsprongweg 3, 1871 HA Schoorl, The Netherlands] [28-Jun-2022 - 01-Jul-2022]
Towards a competition-based word-formation theory (Session of Word-Formation Theories IV / Typology and Universals in Word-Formation V)
VII Congreso Internacional de la red científica CHARTA: La historia del español en sus documentos. Los retos de las Humanidades digitales (VII CHARTA GRANADA)  [Granada] [08-Jun-2022 - 10-Jun-2022]

Jul 2022

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8e Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française (8e CMLF)  [Orléans] [04-Jul-2022 - 08-Jul-2022]
Quid est «qui»? Relative clauses from Proto-Italic to Proto-Romance (QIQ2022)  [Université de Lausanne] [01-Jul-2022 - 02-Jul-2022]

Aug 2022

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55th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE 2022)  [Bucharest] [24-Aug-2022 - 27-Aug-2022]
      Session: Subordination and Language Change: New Cross-linguistic Approaches and Perspectives
      Session: How to Mark the Truth: A Cross-linguistic Approach to Verum
      Session: Clausal Complements and Relative Clauses
      Session: Superlatives and Definiteness
      Session: Disentangling Topicality Effects
      Session: The Mirror Asymmetry: Long-distance subject/object asymmetries from a theoretical and empirical perspective
9th International Conference on Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT)  [Innsbruck] [29-Aug-2022 - 31-Aug-2022]
Clausal Complements and Relative Clauses (Session of 55th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea)
Disentangling Topicality Effects (Session of 55th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea)
EuroSLA 31  [Fribourg/Freiburg] [24-Aug-2022 - 27-Aug-2022]
Generative Linguistics in the Old World in Asia XIII 2022 Online Special (GLOW in Asia XIII 2022 OS)  [The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Online)] [04-Aug-2022 - 07-Aug-2022]
How to Mark the Truth: A Cross-linguistic Approach to Verum (Session of 55th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea)
International Conference on Historical Linguistics 25 (ICHL25)  [Oxford] [01-Aug-2022 - 05-Aug-2022]
Methods in Dialectology XVII (Methods 17)  [Mainz] [01-Aug-2022 - 05-Aug-2022]
Subordination and Language Change: New Cross-linguistic Approaches and Perspectives (Session of 55th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea)
Superlatives and Definiteness (Session of 55th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea)
The Mirror Asymmetry: Long-distance subject/object asymmetries from a theoretical and empirical perspective (Session of 55th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea)

Sep 2022

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20. Arbeitstagung zur alemannischen Dialektologie (Alemann:innentagung)  [Chur (Pädagogische Hochschule Graubünden)] [07-Sep-2022 - 09-Sep-2022]
20th International Morphology Meeting (IMM20)  [Budapest] [01-Sep-2022 - 04-Sep-2022]
6th Learner Corpus Research Conference (LCR2022)  [Padua, University of Padua] [22-Sep-2022 - 24-Sep-2022]
9th Biennial International Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English (BICLCE)  [Ljubljana] [15-Sep-2022 - 17-Sep-2022]
Advances in Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Learners (ATFLY)  [Online] [22-Sep-2022 - 23-Sep-2022]
Das heutige gesprochene Deutsch zwischen Sprachkontakt und Sprachwandel  [Turin] [22-Sep-2022 - 24-Sep-2022]
Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition (GALA)  [Frankfurt] [01-Sep-2022 - 03-Sep-2022]
Language Pedagogy of Modern and Ancient Languages of Asia  [Free University Berlin] [12-Sep-2022 - 17-Sep-2022]
Quinto Coloquio Internacional “Ideologías Lingüísticas en la Prensa Escrita y otros Medios de Comunicación” (ILPE 5)  [La Plata & Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires] [28-Sep-2022 - 30-Sep-2022]
Translation in Transition 6 (TT6)  [Prague] [22-Sep-2022 - 23-Sep-2022]

Oct 2022

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Die Movierung. Formen – Funktionen – Bewertungen  [Passau] [13-Oct-2022 - 14-Oct-2022]
International Conference on Multilingual Awareness and Multilingual Practices (MAMP3)  [Joensuu] [06-Oct-2022 - 07-Oct-2022]

Dec 2022

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4th Biannual University of Michigan International Conference on Arabic Applied Linguistics (4th Biannual U-M Arabic App Lx)  [University of Michigan] [03-Dec-2022 - 04-Dec-2022]