Concept Types&Frames in Language,Cognition&Science

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The topic of the conference is the investigation of concept types of nouns and verbs and their respective relationships to frames. Frames provide a recursive device for representing knowledge about arbitrary objects and categories by means of attributes and their values. They offer a flexible way of representing concepts of different types in language, philosophy and sciences at different levels of detail and at different stages of development or processing. The interdisciplinary conference combines approaches from linguistics, computational linguistics, mathematics, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, philosophy of science, and the history of science. The conference will be held in English.

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Doris Gerland

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The Concept Types&Frames in Language,Cognition&Science will be held from 24-Aug-2009 to 26-Aug-2009.

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Abstracts can be submitted from 09-Feb-2009 until 18-Apr-2009.

Concept Types&Frames in Language,Cognition&Science,

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