Arctic Languages: Syntax, Morphology, Lexicon

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The Arctic regions are home to a diverse collection of languages, many of which are under increased duress in these times of climate change, high mobility and communication, and increased pressure on natural resources. This conference brings together researchers working on languages spoken in the far north of every longitudinal region, including but not restricted to the Uralic, Chukotko-Kamchatkan, Yukaghir, Eskimo-Aleut, and Na-Dene language families. The focus is on the syntax, morphology, and lexicon of languages with few if any northerly neighbors. An additional purpose of the meeting is to discuss future strategies for collaborative work.

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CASTL, Tromso

Contact Information:
Peter Svenonius

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The Arctic Languages: Syntax, Morphology, Lexicon will be held from 24-Sep-2009 to 26-Sep-2009.

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Abstracts can be submitted from 12-Jun-2009 until 01-Aug-2009.

Arctic Languages: Syntax, Morphology, Lexicon,

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