Recursion Workshop (DGfS 2010)

Our workshop aims at recursion within grammatical theory as connected to cross linguistics and language acquisition studies. Moreover, we are interested in neurobiological research localizing aspects of syntactic recursion in neural tissue, e. g. the processing of long-distance dependencies. Beside these 'biolinguistic' aspects, recursion is also addressed by accounts describing language qua communication and not qua internal computational system. Accordingly, recursive structures of theory of mind and their implications for linguistic pragmatics are also of great interest.

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Andreas Trotzke

Meeting Dates:
The Recursion Workshop (DGfS 2010) will be held from 24-Feb-2010 to 26-Feb-2010.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 27-Jun-2009 until 09-Sep-2009.

Recursion Workshop (DGfS 2010),

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