On Linguistic Interfaces

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A full description of our knowledge of language must include reference to several different components, each with its own particular properties. These components must interact with each other, and with a lexicon, which we may think of as a system of stored associations between pieces of information pertaining to many of the above components. In recent years, the study of the interaction between these different levels of linguistic knowledge has attracted increasing interest. The nature and extent of the interaction of different linguistic modules is a central question to be addressed by a modern theory of linguistic knowledge.

In 2007, a workshop "On Linguistic Interfaces" (OnLI) was held at the University of Ulster, bringing together scholars working on a wide range of interface-related issues. The workshop has led to a proceedings volume, "Interfaces in Linguistics: New Research Perspectives", edited by Raffaella Folli and Christiane Ulbrich (to appear 2010, Oxford University Press). Following the success of this first meeting, we are pleased to announce that OnLI II will take place at the University of Ulster (Jordanstown Campus) from December 2-4 2010. OUP have expressed interest in publishing a further volume of proceedings from this conference.

Although interface-related material finds a natural home in many linguistics conferences, OnLI is unique in its focus on the theoretical and empirical issues arising at the interfaces. OnLI II will host eight invited speakers renowned for their work on a variety of linguistic interfaces:

Invited speakers

  • Elena Anagnostopoulou (University of Crete)
  • Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero (University of Manchester)
  • Heidi Harley (University of Arizona)
  • Winfried Lechner (University of Athens)
  • John Local (University of York)
  • Anna Papafragou (University of Delaware)
  • Michael Wagner (McGill University)
  • Yi Xu (University College London)

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Meeting Location:
University of Ulster, Jordanstown Campus, Belfast

Contact Information:
Christiane Ulbrich

Meeting Dates:
The On Linguistic Interfaces will be held from 02-Dec-2010 to 04-Dec-2010.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 15-Feb-2010 until 29-Apr-2010.

OnLI 2010, University of Ulster (Jordanstown), Belfast

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