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The Speech Research Group at the ESRC Centre for Research on Bilingualism at Bangor University will organize a 1-day workshop on the production and perception of second language (L2) prosody. This workshop will take place in Bangor, North Wales, UK, on the 29th of March 2012, immediately preceding the International conference ‘Bilingual and Multilingual Interaction’ (Bangor, 30 March to 1 April 2012).

There is a general bias in L2 research towards investigations of segmental aspects of speech learning, with only limited attention to prosody. This is reflected in current L2 speech models (eg., Flege’s Speech Learning Model, Best’s Perceptual Assimilation Model) which rely on the cross-language phonetic similarity of segments to predict the relative difficulty or ease of perception/production of non-native speech, and ignore prosodic aspects of cross-language similarity.

This workshop aims to promote research into prosodic aspects of L2 speech learning and the role of prosody in cross-language similarity. We invite abstracts for talks and posters on the production and perception of all aspects of prosody (e.g., intonation, rhythm, stress, loudness, tempo) in L2 learners or bilinguals.

Keynote speaker: Sharon Peperkamp, Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, Paris.

Call for papers: Abstracts should be no more than 400 words. As reviewing will be blind, the paper should not include the authors' names and affiliations. Each abstract should be submitted as a PDF file following the instructions on EasyAbs. Please contact the conference organisers at bilingualism@bangor.ac.uk or visit our website at www.bilingualism.bangor.ac.uk for further information, including about our scientific committee and about related workshops.

Ineke Mennen
Kelly Webb

Important Dates:
Abstract submission deadline: December 1, 2011
Notification of acceptance: December 15, 2011
Workshop: March 29, 2012

Abstract Submission has been closed
Abstract Review is closed
Meeting Location:
Bangor, Wales (UK)

Contact Information:
Kelly Webb

Meeting Dates:
The L2 Prosody will be held from 29-Mar-2012 to 29-Mar-2012.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 10-Oct-2011 until 05-Dec-2011.

Abstract Rating Information:
Submitted Abstracts will be reviewed and rated from 02-Dec-2011 until 14-Dec-2011. Authors will be notified of their acceptance after 15-Dec-2011.

L2 Prosody, bilingualism@bangor.ac.uk

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