Texas Linguistics Society 12th Annual Conference

Conference URL: http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~tls/tls2009/

TLS XII, the 12th annual meeting of the Texas Linguistics Society, invites proposals from diverse theoretical frameworks in linguistics and language-related topics from disciplines such as anthropology, cognitive science, literature, neuroscience, and psychology. The meeting's general session covers all areas of linguistic interest. There are, in addition, two concurrent events: one parasession described below and The 5th Workshop on Discourse Structure in honor of Carlota S. Smith. The parasession has as its theme “Approaches to Semantics and Pragmatics Based on Naturally Occurring Data, Elicitation, and Experimentation .” Papers exploring classic issues in theoretical semantics and pragmatics based on psycholinguistic experiments and on methods such as questionnaires, elicitation tests, corpus studies, follow-up studies, and interviews, as well as submissions that introduce new data from understudied languages, are welcome. The 5th Workshop on Discourse Structure in honor of Carlota S. Smith will focus on two areas of research in which Professor Smith did much pioneering work: the semantics of temporal location, tense, and aspect, and research into modes of discourse. Talks for this workshop are by invitation, but abstracts dealing with this conference theme are welcome for the general session.

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Meeting Location:
University of Texas at Austin

Contact Information:
Tony Wright

Meeting Dates:
The Texas Linguistics Society 12th Annual Conference will be held from 13-Nov-2009 to 15-Nov-2009.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 12-Jun-2009 until 23-Aug-2009.

Texas Linguistics Society 12th Annual Conference, tlsxii@utlists.utexas.edu

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