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IADA — International Association
for Discourse Analysis

13th International Conference on Dialogue Analysis

April 26-30, 2011
Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada

Keynote Speakers

Éric GRILLO, U. Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, France
Cornelia ILIE, Malmö U., Sweden
Alain LÉTOURNEAU, U. de Sherbrooke, Canada
Wolfgang TEUBERT, U. of Birmingham, UK
Karen TRACY, U. of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Edda WEIGAND, U. of Münster, Germany

The object-of-study 'dialogue' and its representation

The basic issue of Dialogue Analysis draws on the problem of how to represent the object 'dialogue'.There is no generally agreed concept of dialogue; various perspectives can be taken which result in different concepts of dialogue and correspondingly in different methodologies of Dialogue Analysis.Besides competence models which search for underlying rules and performance models which focus on ever-varying spoken language or individual inferences, there is the model of competence-in-performance which tries to grasp how human beings come to grips with dialogue in real life.

Papers are invited which address this basic question of the relationship between the object dialogue and the methodology of representation, be it within a rule-governed model of communicative competence or starting from spoken discourse or be it within the .model of the mixed game. which mediates between order and disorder and combines regularity and individuality. We also invite researchers to submit proposals that more generally address the connections of representation with dialogue.

François COOREN, U. de Montréal, Canada
Alain LÉTOURNEAU, U. de Sherbrooke, Canada

Organizing Committee:
Nicolas BENCHERKI, U. de Montréal, Canada
Émilie PELLETIER, U. de Montréal, Canada

Scientific Committee:
Chantal BENOIT-BARNÉ, U. de Montréal
François COOREN, U. de Montréal
Boris H. J. M. BRUMMANS, U. de Montréal
Sylvie GROSJEAN, U. of Ottawa, Canada
Marty LAFOREST, U. du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Alain LÉTOURNEAU, U. de Sherbrooke
Daniel ROBICHAUD, U. de Montréal
Consuelo VASQUEZ, U. du Québec à Montréal

Steering Committee:
Mark AAKHUS, Rutgers U., USA
Kenneth N. CISSNA, U. of South Florida, USA
Robert T. CRAIG, U. of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Marcelo DASCAL, Tel Aviv U., Israel
Anita FETZER, U. of Würzburg, Germany
Luisa GRANATO, National U. of La Plata, Argentina
Cornelia ILIE, Malmö U., Sweden
Liliana RUXĂNDOIU, U. of Bucharest, Romania
Robert E. SANDERS, U. at Albany - SUNY, USA
Clara Ubaldina LORDA MUR, Pompeu Fabra U., Spain
Edda WEIGAND, U. of Münster, Germany
Elda WEIZMAN, Bar-Ilan U., Israel

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Meeting Location:
Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada

Contact Information:
Émilie Pelletier

Meeting Dates:
The Dialogue & Representation will be held from 26-Apr-2011 to 30-Apr-2011.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 16-Apr-2010 until 30-Sep-2010.

Dialogue & Representation, dialogue2011@com.umontreal.ca

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