Phonology in the 21st Century: In Honour of Glyne Piggott

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‘Phonology in the 21st Century: In Honour of Glyne Piggott’ is a conference in honour of Professor Glyne Piggott who retired last year from the Department of Linguistics at McGill University. For over forty years, Prof Piggott has been a supporter of the highest quality research in phonology. He is well recognized for maintaining the most rigorous approach to theory building and testing, coupled with intellectual breadth and curiosity. This has resulted in outstanding contributions in terms of his own research, his influence on his peers, and his training and supervision of new generations of linguists. He instills in those around him the need to have a wide perspective on thinking in the field, and challenges his students to become independent scholars who will survive the theoretical whims of the time. Although the conference is organized to honour Prof Piggott, its theoretical objective is to highlight phonological research at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, evaluating the contributions of the past forty years in light of the primary concerns of today. There have been major paradigm shifts in phonology during Prof Piggott’s career, from a rule-based approach to a representation-based approach in the 1980s, and from a representation-based approach to a constraint-based approach in the early 1990s. The field has grown in scope, embracing interfaces with phonetics, morphology, and syntax. Four issues which take centre stage in current research on phonology are as follows: 1. How is the relationship between morphosyntactic structure and phonology best modeled? 2. How is the relationship between phonetics and phonology best modeled? Are they distinct components of the grammar or are they formally intertwined? 3. What role do non-linguistic factors such as frequency play in phonology? 4. What is an appropriate model of phonological competence? What is part of a universal grammar, and what is a consequence of other more general cognitive factors? These issues define the conference’s focus.

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McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Heather Goad

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The Phonology in the 21st Century: In Honour of Glyne Piggott will be held from 07-May-2011 to 09-May-2011.

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Abstracts can be submitted from 01-Dec-2010 until 14-Jan-2011.

Phonology in the 21st Century: In Honour of Glyne Piggott,

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