10th Annual WSU Grad Forum Graduate Student Conference

Theme: The Spring of Our Discontent: Renewing, Recycling, and Re-assembling. From Rachel Carson's Silent Spring to the Arab Spring, our world is confronted by multiple environmental, political, social, and cultural crises. How do crises drive us to demand change and rethink our choices? How does crisis compel us to re-imagine ourselves? How might literature, arts, scholarship and media shape or drive protest? How do traditional understandings of gender and other social roles change? What stories do we tell ourselves about our cultures and their crises? Do we strive to radically break with the past and invent new forms? Do we recycle or renew what is already there? This conference seeks to examine the roles of literature, language and culture in responding to local and global crises.

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Meeting Location:
Wayne State University

Contact Information:
Julie Koehler

Meeting Dates:
The 10th Annual WSU Grad Forum Graduate Student Conference will be held from 07-Apr-2012 to 07-Apr-2012.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 19-Nov-2011 until 16-Feb-2012.

10th Annual WSU Grad Forum Graduate Student Conference, jljkoehler@wayne.edu

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