Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Grammatical Word

The concept of WORD is notoriously difficult to define. Besides denoting a prosodic unit (the phonological word) and a semantic unit (the lexeme), WORD is often used as a morphosyntactic unit: the grammatical word. This concept unifies concerns of inflectional morphology and morphophonology. It is the term on which paradigmatic relationships are defined. The grammatical word plays an important role in modeling storage and processing of lexical and grammatical information, in psychology and computer science as well. This workshop on the grammatical word will explore how different perspectives (theoretical and experimental) may converge in expanding our understanding of this multifaceted concept.

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Meeting Location:
UC Davis, Davis CA (USA)

Contact Information:
Raul Aranovich

Meeting Dates:
The Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Grammatical Word will be held from 10-May-2013 to 11-May-2013.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 27-Sep-2012 until 26-Jan-2013.

Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Grammatical Word,

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