DGfS Workshop: NP Syntax and Information Structure

Conference URL: http://linguistlist.org/confcustom/npsyntax2013

Research on the internal structure of nominal expressions (including prepositional phrases) in a variety of languages has revealed that there are parallels between clausal and nominal complexity and that the nominal domain also encodes information-structural properties such as focus and topic (Giusti 1996). Recently, research on NP syntax and information structure has received some attention again (Aboh et al. 2010), especially by investigating non-standardized variants (dialects and former diachronic stages) that may invoke alternative realizations which are not so easily observable in the standardized written languages. Our workshop addresses the question of how far the parallels between the nominal and clausal domain in the context of information structure can be pushed and which restrictions can be observed with respect to the availability of such alternative realizations. We aim at bringing together researchers (working in a functional or formal framework) that deal with the above mentioned aspects, preferably from (but not limited to) a microvariational perspective.

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Meeting Location:
Potsdam, Germany (DGfS 2013)

Contact Information:
Andreas Trotzke

Meeting Dates:
The DGfS Workshop: NP Syntax and Information Structure will be held from 13-Mar-2013 to 15-Mar-2013.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 02-Jun-2012 until 07-Sep-2012.

NP Syntax and Information Structure (DGfS 2013), npsyntax2013@googlemail.com

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