Problems of Small Estuaries

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The 2013 Symposium ‘Problems of Small Estuaries’ will focus on understanding processes and changes in estuarine ecosystems. It follows a similar event held in 1976 at Swansea University and provides an opportunity to look back and explore developments in terms of ecology, geomorphology, biogeochemistry and management. Impacts from both the seaward and catchment side have changed. Conservation measures, for example, improved the conditions of some elements of the ecosystem, while other impacts have intensified. Short-term effects of fishing or pollution incidents are nested in long-term trends due to climatic change. Beyond anthropogenic impacts there are still gaps in our understanding of fundamental processes in these transitional water bodies. The symposium provides an opportunity to explore how much more we understand today about the dynamics of small estuaries and coastal waters, and how research needs have changed.

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Meeting Location:
Swansea University, Wales, UK

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Ruth Callaway

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The Problems of Small Estuaries will be held from 08-Apr-2013 to 11-Apr-2013.

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Abstracts can be submitted from 16-Oct-2012 until 16-Oct-2012.

Problems of Small Estuaries,

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