Workshop on the Acquisition of Quantification

We are pleased to announce a Workshop on the Acquisition of Quantification, to be held at UMass Amherst, Oct. 4-5 2013.

The past two decades have produced detailed and wide-ranging investigations of quantification in child language, including important work on:

- “quantifier-spreading” phenomena (Roeper and DeVilliers 1993, Philip 1995, Crain et al. 1996, Drozd 2001, Drozd and Van Loosbroek 2006, Geurts 2003, Smits 2009)

- quantifier scope and quantifier raising (Lidz and Musolino 2002, Musolino and Lidz 2005, Syrett and Lidz 2010),

- distributivity and collectivity in universal quantification (Brooks and Braine 1996, Brooks and Sekerina 2006).

- scalar implicatures and quantificational issues at the semantic-pragmatics interface (Noveck 2001, Papafragou and Musolino 2003, Huang and Snedeker 2009b).

- the connection between quantification and early numerical cognition (Barner et al. 2009, Sullivan and Barner 2011, Brooks et al. 2011).

- knowledge of the syntax and semantics of quantification in L2 learners (DelliCarpini 2003, O’Grady 2006, Ionin et al. 2012).

This workshop aims to foster discussion and collaboration among researchers working on the acquisition of quantification, by bringing together work from a variety of languages, experimental paradigms, and theoretical perspectives.

We invite abstracts for 20-minute talks and poster presentations on all aspects of quantification in first and second language acquisition.

Deadline for submission: July 1, 2013
Notification of acceptance: Before August 15, 2013

Invited Speakers:

Martin Hackl (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Julien Musolino (Rutgers University)
William Philip (University of Utrecht)

Organizers: Jeremy Hartman, Magda Oiry, Tom Roeper

Abstract Submission has been closed
Abstract Review is closed
Meeting Location:
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Contact Information:
Jeremy Hartman

Meeting Dates:
The Workshop on the Acquisition of Quantification will be held from 04-Oct-2013 to 05-Oct-2013.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 24-Apr-2013 until 02-Jul-2013.

Workshop on the Acquisition of Quantification,

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