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Complexities in the Characteristic Structure of Derivative Word:Khmer and Japanese Nominalization of Prefix and Suffix


Both prefixes and suffixes in Khmer language,can change root`s meaning and part-of-speech. Japanese prefixes can add or change root`s meaning, and only suffixes which can change root`s part-of-speech. With regard to the differences between Khmer and Japanese derivative word which we mentions above makes the derivative word`s form and meaning more pervasive than has been traditionally thought. No other theory could ever appropriately describe and analyze right-hand head rule, derivative word`s form and meaning (cf. Williams 1981, Kageyama Taro 1999)
This article is a study of nominalization of derivative word, especially, structure and meaning in Khmer and Japanese Languages. First part of thesis deals with the analysis of derivative word as right-hand head rule. Even this rule can apply in English language, Khmer and Japanese languages are not effect to this rule. We define the head of a morphologically complex word to be the right or left-hand member of that word. It is depend on which element can change the whole word function and meaning. Second part of the paper describes characteristic structure of derivative word which bases on meaning and form-derivation as lexical relations. We define that the form[prefix + prefix passive + root]is not exist in Japanese language while Khmer language has. The distinction between lexical and syntax will be made to analyze the derivation as syntax relations in third part of the thesis.
The results show that in case of derivation as lexical relations, both languages have the same particular meaning and form. In case of derivation as syntax relations, Japanese language is more complicated structures. The result can be only applied to a particular function of affixation (affixes change root`s meaning and form). There are, however, also cases where different elicitation methods reveal slightly different hierarchical structures‐a fact which supports many of the ideas put forward in recent studies.

Keywords: derivative word, affixes, nominalization, lexical, syntax, root

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