International Seminar on Dravidian Linguistics

It is proposed to conduct an international seminar on the topic mentioned. Dravidian languages are the languages belong to Dravidian family, spoken mainly in South India. The Dravidian language family includes approximately 85 genetically related languages, spoken by about 217 million people. They are mainly spoken in southern India and parts of eastern and central India as well as in northeastern Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, and overseas in other countries such as Malaysia and Singapore..
A Four day seminar is proposed to assess the present status of the Dravidian linguistics and the languages belong to it. Concentration will be given to the both developed and non developed or tribal languages of the family. All the major languages have developed their linguistic status to a great extend and attained a status where each have devolved their strong grammatical theories along with their long standing tradition. Comparative Dravidian is a much studied area of research and explored a lot in that direction.
Three of the Dravidian languages, viz. Tamil, Kannada, Telugu have got Classical Status by the Govt. of India and they are enjoying special status and financial assistance from the central Government. Among the developed language Malayalam is the only language left out in the category.
Dravidian languages are agglutinative in nature and verb final languages. All the languages share so many common features and proved to be originated from a proto form. In modern linguistics a sub area titled Dravidian Linguistics is there which deals with different aspects of the language family.
This topic has to be discussed in the Knowledge era from different perspectives. The think, discuss, explore and interpret all the above it is proposed to have an international seminar like the above.

Objective, Highlight and Theme of the Seminar
Following are the broad areas for Discussion
a. Dravidian Linguistics - status and studies
b. The standard Languages of Dravidian family
c. The Tribal and undeveloped Languages of Dravidian family
d. Socio and Anthropological aspects of Dravidian linguistics
e. Approaches to Dravidian syntax/ grammar
f. Dravidians language teachings - methods and theories
g. Official status, Policy and planning in Dravidian languages
h. Place among Indian languages and Arial features
i. comparison to other languages including Indian languages than Dravidian languages
j. Philosophy and theoretical aspects of Dravidian grammar
k. History and development of Dravidian Linguistics
l. Literary theories in Dravidian languages
m. Contemporary explanation and modern epistemology on Dravidian linguistics
n. Universities for Dravidian languages
o. Reference and explanation of Classic status, etc…..

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Meeting Location:
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Contact Information:
shanavas sa

Meeting Dates:
The International Seminar on Dravidian Linguistics will be held from 17-Jan-2013 to 19-Jan-2013.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 25-Dec-2012 until 05-Jan-2013.

Abstract Rating Information:
Submitted Abstracts will be reviewed and rated from 07-Jan-2013 until 10-Jan-2013. Authors will be notified of their acceptance after 11-Jan-2013.

International Seminar on Dravidian Linguistics,

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