“Short Writings” and Diatechnic Variation

The 'SCRIBE' conference addresses 'Short writings' from the perspective of diatechnic variation, meant as the aspect of variation which depends on different technical media used as a tool for linguistic communication. The focus will be not only on the blend of semiotic facts involved in communication, but also on the tools used to create such blends and the physical context in which they are manifested and realised.

In particular, the conference provides a platform to present research about those phenomena, indicating the complexity of traditional diamesic bi-polarization, observed in particular in specific textual genres (e.g. comic strips, tweets, online chats) as well as in some varieties of ancient and modern texts (such as inscriptions on epigraphs, lead tablets, coins, etc.) and that can be detected in written texts though their being traditionally ascribed to speech or, vice versa, can be detected in spoken language though traditionally attributed to written texts.

The scope of the conference is to identify, describe and classify such occurrences in the perspective of the common theoretical framework of 'Short writings'.

Invited Speakers:

Claudio Giovanardi (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)
Pilar Orero Clavero (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona)
Edgar Radtke (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg)
Sophie Saffi (Université d'Aix-Marseille)
Eva-Maria Thüne (Università di Bologna)

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Meeting Location:
Naples, Italy

Contact Information:
Francesca M. Dovetto and Alberto Manco -

Meeting Dates:
The “Short Writings” and Diatechnic Variation will be held from 26-Jun-2014 to 28-Jun-2014.

Abstract Submission Information:
Abstracts can be submitted from 13-Dec-2013 until 31-Jan-2014.

“Short Writings” and Diatechnic Variation, scribeprocida@gmail.com

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