Frijoles Charros/Mexican Cowboy Beans
Submitted by: R.M. Chandler-Burns
Story behind this Recipe:
Recipe from Ruben "Rugual' Guajardo, Monterrey, Mexico.

1 kg of pinto beans (for 10 people)
500 g of bacon or pork rinds
2 dozen weiners, sliced into coin-sized pieces
5 large white or Bermuda onions, diced into stamp-sized pieces
5 large tomatoes, sliced and cut into stamp-sized pieces
5 dozen medium-sized serrano or jalapeno chili peppers, chopped into small pieces
Handful of washed cilantro (a hot parsley like plant)
Units: Metric
Serves: N/A
Cooking Instructions:
Cook beans in 10-liter enamel cookware pot. When finished, reduce to a simmer; then add the above ingredients. Leave on low flame for several hours. Serve hot.