Just Rice!
Submitted by: Andrey Yevsyukov (Ryazan Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Story behind this Recipe:
Best cooked rice you might have ever tasted, although so simple! Just do not 'monitor' the process, i.e. do not open the cover until ready - rely on your timing. Priyatnogo appetita!
Equal volumes of rice and boiling water
Cast iron pan with thick walls
A watch or clock
Cooking Time: 20 min
Units: US
Serves: 1
Cooking Instructions:
Take a glass of rice, put in in a hot thick-walled cast iron pan, add a glass of boiling water and cover immediately. Cook 1 min at maximum fire, 2 min at medium and 7 min at minimum. Put out the fire and let the rice rest for 10 min on the stove without taking the cover off. Serve at once adding soy sauce.