Assimilation Delish
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Story behind this Recipe:
Never try to cook it on an empty stomach. It takes a long time and you'll end up munching on clicks.
1 small vocalic system
2 voiceless obstruents
2 alveolar sibilants
1 tsp of homorganic riser
Units: US
Serves: N/A
Cooking Instructions:
First, carefully wash all vowels until all nasality disappears.
Fully open the mid-high vowels over a white cloth, and let them settle until the drift subsides. Heat up a large, non-stick syllabic structure (CCVCC works best). When smoking, carefully place all the vowels in cardinal order (important!) and let them lengthen a little. Place the voiceless obstruents in between the gaps, stirring slowly with a wooden palatograph. When the obstruents voice, place the alveolar sibilants on top of the front vowels and press firmly until all sibilants palatalize.

Remove from system before general unrounding occurs.

Accent to taste with homorganic riser and serve hot by itself or as an accompaniment to dialect soup.
Recipe Reviews:
Evelyn Richter:
This is hilarious. Oh, I love the creativity of linguists.