Diglossia With Onion Rings
Submitted by: Anonymous
Story behind this Recipe:
Diglossia With Onion Rings has undergone various metamorphoses over the years. From Triglossia-On-The-Cob to Monoglossia-a-la-Monolingualism (sic), the dish has enjoyed so much popularity that rare is the Sociolinguistics Cookbook that doesn't offer some version of it -- if not several.

The dish is, of course, respectfully dedicated to the memory of Charles A. Ferguson.
One blank issue of journal WORD
Onion rings
Units: US
Serves: N/A
Cooking Instructions:
Date of preparation: from 1959 on.
Sit down on working table.
Open blank WORD issue anywhere.
Throw Arabic, Greek, Haiti and Switzerland in no special order on two blank pages. Make sure they don't show through journal edges.
Close journal, turn on TV and eat the onion rings.
Blink an eye, let discussion begin.