Thai Beef Salad
Submitted by: Brett Churchill (Former editor and Linguist Fellow)
1lb good beef steak (any cut)
1/3 cup Tiparos Fish Sauce (no other brand will substitute)
Juice from 2-3 limes (fresh squeezed if possible)
1 tbsp (or more or less) crushed hot red peppers
1 tbsp rice powder
1 head romaine lettuce
1 large red onion
1 large tomato
1 green or red bell pepper
Any other salad greens you prefer
Units: US
Serves: N/A
Cooking Instructions:
Grill steak to medium rare, slice into bite size pieces. While steak is cooking mix fish sauce, lime juice, and hot peppers to taste in a small bowl, let sit while steak cooks.
Put sliced steak over bed of salad and pour salad dressing on top. Sprinkle rice powder and mix thouroughly. Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes before serving.
This recipe is particularly good on a hot summer day with a cold beverage.