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There are a few other ways to donate to LINGUIST:

The LINGUIST List is under the umbrella of Indiana University and the eLinguistics Foundation, which is a registered 501(c) Non Profit organization in the United States. As such it can receive donations. The Federal Tax number of the eLinguistics Foundation is 45-4211155. Also, as a 501(c) organization, LINGUIST qualifies for corporate donation-matching programs. Please check and see if your company sponsors such a program.

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The LINGUIST List 2015 Crew:

Damir Cavar Malgorzata Cavar Anthony Aristar Helen Aristar-Dry Sara Couture Amanda Foster Andrew Lamont Lwin Moe Ashley Parker Anna White

Paying by Check

Please make checks (drawn on a U.S. bank) payable to:

eLinguistics Foundation - The LINGUIST List Editorial Support Fund

Please mail checks (or money orders) to the following address:

The LINGUIST List Editorial Support Fund
Indiana University
Department of Linguistics
Memorial Hall 422
1021 E 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN 47405