Endangered Languages Information

and Infrastructure Workshop

Call for 'News Bulletins'

Conference participants are invited to present 10-minute “News Bulletins” reporting their most exciting endangered language findings. Send a brief abstract of your “bulletin” by Oct. 12. Details below.

The Program

The "Endangered Languages Information and Infrastructure Workshop” (ELIIP), will be held in Salt Lake City, Nov 11-14. Much of the Workshop is devoted to working groups and discussion (see the preliminary program at For this, participants need not prepare anything for presentation. There is also a session for 10-minute demos of projects relevant to the workshop theme, and two other sessions for the presentation of 10-minute “News Bulletins” addressing the question, "What is  the most important or intriguing discovery from your endangered language research?"  There These sessions should provide interesting breaks from the work sessions and also serve to publicize the cause of endangered languages research.


If you are willing to present a "News Bulletin" about your most exciting endangered language findings, please send us a brief abstract (a title and a paragraph explaining the significance of your “bulletin”).


Please send your abstract to address by Oct. 12. You will be notified of the results by Oct. 20.


If more “news bulletins” are offered than the time available, we will either have parallel sessions or will have to select some bulletins for workshop presentation and some for web publication only. Titles of accepted abstracts will be included with the program on the Workshop website.

Although we realize that presenting results of research in only 10-minutes can be difficult, this format also has advantages.  It will allow more discoveries to be reported in the short time available, and this will dramatize the value and productivity of endangered languages research.  There will be journalists, other linguists, and members of the public at these open sessions.

The abstracts and the “bulletin” presentations will be made available on the Workshop website. Please be prepared to give us your Powerpoint or an electronic copy of your presentation at the Workshop. This will make the results readily available to journalists, other linguists, and the public, fostering the cause of endangered language research.


Send abstracts to If you have specific questions, please contact Jennifer Mitchell at