Endangered Languages Information

and Infrastructure Workshop

Invitations and Access

The reports and presentations of the Endangered Languages Information and Infrastructure workshop are open to the public. The working groups have been restricted to invited participants and observers, in order to facilitate an efficient exchange of information.

Confirmed Participants

Willem (W.F.H.) Adelaar, Leiden University, Netherlands

Greg Anderson, Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages      

Anthony Aristar, Institute for Language Information and Technology, Eastern Michigan University (Organizer)

Helen Aristar-Dry, Institute for Language Information and Technology, Eastern Michigan University (Organizer)

Ken Beesley, SAP Labs, Utah.

Hans-Joerg Bibiko, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany

Claire Bowern, Yale University

Matthias Brenzinger, University of Köln, Germany

Lyle Campbell, Center for American Indian Languages, University of Utah  (Organizer)

Wade Davis, National Geographic Society

Marianna Di Paolo, University of Utah

Arienne Dwyer, University of Kansas

Andrew Garrett, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, Berkeley Language Center Archive

Carol Genetti, University of California, Santa Barbara

Jeff Good, University of Buffalo

Lenore Grenoble, University of Chicago

Veronica Grondona, Eastern Michigan University

Alice C. Harris, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Erhard Hinrichs, CLARIN

Brian Joseph, Ohio State University

Joan Maling, National Science Foundation.     

Michael Maxwell, Center for Advanced Study of Language, University of Maryland.

Rozenn Milin, Fondation Chirac, France

Christopher Moseley, BBC Monitoring, UNESCO

David Nash, Australian National University, Australia 

David Nathan, Endangered Languages Archive, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Kazuko Obata, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander Studies

Bill Palmer, University of Newcastle, Australia

Susan Penfield, Cultural Anthropology Program, National Science Foundation

Keren Rice, University of Toronto, Canada

Hugues Sicard, UNESCO  Paris, France

Gary Simons, SIL International

Jane Simpson, University of Sydney, Australia

David Solnit, University of California, Berkeley

Nicholas Thieberger, University of Melbourne

Laura Welcher, Long Now Foundation Rosetta Project

Douglas H. Whalen, Endangered Language Fund

Peter Wittenberg, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nimegen, Netherlands

Anthony Woodbury, University of Texas Austin