Endangered Languages Information

and Infrastructure Workshop

Airline Tickets

Travel will be handled by Eastern Michigan University. We have planned to book and pay for most of the airline tickets from EMU, in part to save participants from having to turn in receipts to two institutions, and in part because of regulations governing reimbursement of travel.

EMU bookings

Participants are requested to send the following information to by MONDAY, OCT.5. You may also send the information to Danielle St. Jean (, who is serving as travel coordinator: 

  • Name
  • Airport of origin
  • Preferred departure or arrival times
  • Email address to which the e-ticket should be sent
  • Any special meal or assistance requests for the flight

If you have identified a specific flight you prefer, please include this flight number and we will do our best to accommodate you. If we cannot book the flight you want, or if you have not included a specific flight number, Danielle will respond to you with some flight options.

Booking your own ticket

If your itinerary is complex, you may prefer to book your own ticket and apply for reimbursement later. In this case, please notify us of your intention by October 5, so that we can have reimbursement paperwork ready for you at the workshop. And please save your ticket receipt; you will need to provide a copy of the paid e-ticket to EMU. Reimbursement takes 3 to 4 weeks; you will be mailed a check drawn in US currency on a US bank.

Please note that our travel budget allows us to reimburse you only the amount of an economy round-trip ticket from your point of origin to Salt Lake City, at current (September) prices. Stopovers and flight extensions can be added only at your own expense. International travels should also note the following important condition on reimbursement.


Because the workshop is funded by the National Science Foundation, all travel must comply with the FlyAmerica Act. In general, this means that we can only fund flights on American carriers or flights that code-share with an American carrier. For more information, see:

Note to travellers from the EU or Australia: There is an Open Skies Agreement ( that allows travellers from these countries to fly non-American carriers if there is no ‘city-pair agreement’ between the point of origin and the destination. For ‘city pair’ information, see:

Transportation to and from the Airport

The Salt Lake City International airport is located about 30 minutes from the University Guest House. You should take a taxi (about $25) or an airport shuttle.
Note: Save original receipts for incidentals like taxi fare. If our budget allows, these will be reimbursed by U. of Utah (not EMU, which is only handling airfare).