LINGUIST Crew Haiku Gallery


LINGUIST helps many
if LINGUIST's sun sets this year
where will linguists search?


I'm learning so much
Happy as I've ever been
Keep the sun alive?

Bright sun-kissed daisies
Bright hard-working grad students
Don't let us wither?


LINGUIST List is great
It is really fun for me
Please donate to us


Won't you please donate?
You'll secure LINGUIST List's fate
and be a great mate


Fund Drive has begun
We will make it really fun
write us more haikus!

Susan H

Michigan winter
Cold sunlight on dead branches
When will the snow fall?


Squirrels on campus
collecting food, god-knows-what
beady little eyes.

Here in our office
the coffe pot is boiling
twenty four hours.

Sitting at my desk,
soon it is time for lunch break.
What will I eat then?


As night slowly falls
And the LINGUIST crew works on
Lights are expensive

We program and post
You contribute ideas
But cash is nice too

My computer crashed
Because I worked it too hard
Help me keep working

A forum for minds
So insightful, keen and bright
Where did it go to?

I'm working through lunch
A busy way to save dough
But I want dinner

We all love LINGUIST
But love doesn't pay the bills
Can you guess what does?

Time is running out
Our resources running thin
Please don't run away


Find your job through us?
Please donate to LINGUIST and
help future colleagues.

Only three dollars
from everyone reading this
would end fund drive now.

Your inbox empty.
Would it make you feel guilty?
Please support LINGUIST.

'Please give generously':
Syncope makes haiku hard
for linguists to write.


Give to LINGUIST List
Bask in the warm glow of our
Shining gratitude.