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Bring back the LINGUIST sun!


Thank you for joining our Fund Drive 2007 Superhero Adventure!

Those of you new to the site might be wondering what LINGUIST's Fund Drive is all about. The answer is simple: The LINGUIST List is provided to users without cost, but it does cost money to produce. To maintain LINGUIST as a free service, each year we must call on our users for donations. All your donations are used to support the graduate linguistics students who work tirelessly to keep LINGUIST up and running.

For the sake of our users, we try to make each year's Fund Drive different and exciting. This year, we've gone up, up, and away with a superhero adventure of epic proportions! We'd like to invite all of our users to join forces with us in the fight to save The LINGUIST List. Along the way, you will solve many puzzles (and win prizes), encounter other fascinating linguist superheroes, and visit the hometowns of the LINGUIST team. You can listen to our Fund Drive Superhero Theme Song, read the story behind the superheroes, and check out the superhero comics (first installment coming March 23rd).

Please feel free to click away in the Pig Cave to find out all this year's Fund Drive has to offer. (Hint: look for these items: key, question mark, pigmobile, stereo speaker, comic book, flying superhero, and, of course, the donate sign!) This year's Fund Drive is scheduled to run from March 19th to April 20th, but you can help end it even sooner by making a donation to help us reach our goal of $55,000! Remember, even a small donation really does make a difference.

When you make a donation to LINGUIST, you can choose from a variety of stylish premiums. Plus, when you donate, you can take advantage of the generous 20% discount offered by Hodder Arnold. If you donate more than $50, you can also take advantage of the great 20% discount Cascadilla is offering on Monica Macaulay's Surviving Linguistics and Paul Boucher's Many Morphologies.

You can also help us by organizing a group donation or a business donation. Become a superhero today--support The LINGUIST List!


--The LINGUIST List Crew

2007 Fund Drive Team