The C-Commander Game

Help the C-Commander Rescue the Pig Mobile!

Ends April 17, 2007

Degenerative Gramma' has stolen the keys to the Pig Mobile! Just to spite C-Commander, she has hidden the keys somewhere on Eastern Michigan University's campus (where LINGUIST List is located). To be even more devious, Degenerative Grandma has provided a series of clues and scattered them across campus and the surrounding city of Ypsilanti. As C-Commander, you must ride on your wobbly bike and navigate the Google map of Ypsilanti, moving from clue to clue (marked by red squares). At each clue, Degenerative Gramma' has left you a question that must be answered. Answering a question correctly might unlock the location of more clues (if you're lucky!). If you are one of the first 10 players to answer 25 or more questions correctly, you will receive a prize donated by our supporting publishers and subscribers (scroll down to see the prize list). Enjoy!

Click here to play The C-Commander Game - Brought to you by the Eastern Michigan University Gaming Club.