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Fund Drive 2008

Welcome to the Fund Drive 2008 Circus Show!

We are happy to launch our 2008 Fund Drive. We hope that this Fund Drive will be exciting and fun and that you will enjoy coming to the LINGUIST site for other reasons than looking up language information, searching for a job, checking on new conferences and calls or searching for books on your linguistic interest. You are now coming to the LL site to DONATE!
We have been working hard on developing new games and challenges for everyone that will make you all see how talented the whole LINGUIST List crew is. You will find it rewarding to DONATE to LINGUIST to support the education of the crew members and for the long lasting life of LINGUIST.
This year, while helping us reach our goal, you will be able to: Please sit down and enjoy the show and come back at different times during the weeks of Fund Drive to see new new shows and features!
Raised: $60,000
No. of donors: 8305