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Donations by Users and Publishers

These are the items donated by publishers and users. We greatly apprecaite all the donations that we received this year that help us during our Fund Drive! See prizes for different games and Grad School Challenge.

Prize Donations by Individuals
  1. Stefan Dollinger
    • Avis, Walter S., Charles Crate, Patrick Drysdale, Douglas Leechman and Matthew M. Scargill (Eds.). 1967. A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles. Toronto: Gage.
    • Dollinger, Stefan. 2008. New-Dialect Formation in Canada: Evidence from the English Modal Auxiliaries. Amsterdam: Benjamins (= Studies in Language Companion Series 97). Brand-new hardcover.

  2. Suzette Haden Elgin
    • 2 subscriptions to my Linguistics & Science Fiction Newsletter (available by e-mail only), for the calendar year 2008.

  3. Monica Macaulay

  4. Sandina Vasile
    • Vasile, Sandina. 2005. Les articulations logiques du discours en perspective traductologique. Avec une étude de l’articulateur français “or”. Constanta: Editura Europolis. ISBN 973-676-101-0.

Prize Donations by Publishers
  1. Cascadilla Press

  2. Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd:
    • Collected Works of MAK Halliday series:
      On Grammar, 9780826488220
      Linguistic Studies of Text and Discourse, 9780826488237
      On Language and Linguistics, 9780826488244
      Language of Early Childhood, 9780826488251
      Language of Science, 9780826488275
      Computational and Quantitative Studies, 9780826488268

  3. Surrey Morphology Group
    • Deponency and morphological mismatches (Proceedings of the British Academy 145), 2007, edited by Matthew Baerman, Greville G. Corbett, Dunstan Brown and Andrew Hippisley. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • Archi: A dictionary of the language of the Archi People, Daghestan, Caucasus, with sounds and pictures (reference edition, DVD for Windows), 2008, compiled by Marina Chumakina, Dunstan Brown, Greville G. Corbett and Harley Quilliam.
    • Agreement, 2006, by Greville G. Corbett. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  4. Edinburgh University Press has kindly donated:
    • One year free subscription to our journal Corpora.
    • One copy of The Linguistics Student's Handbook
    • David Deterding, Singapore English (2007)

  5. Elsevier:
    5 personal one-year online subscriptions to the Elsevier Linguistics journal of the winner's choice.
    • Assessing Writing, Computers and Composition, English for Specific Purposes, Journal of Communication Disorders, Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Journal of Fluency Disorders, Journal of Phonetics, Journal of Pragmatics, Journal of Second Language Writing, Language and Communication, Language Sciences, Lingua, Linguistics and Education, System

  6. John Benjamins:
    • One-year subscription to any of John Benjamins 35 journals.

  7. Multilingual Matters:
    One personal subscription of the prize-winner's choice from our list of language journals:
    • Current Issues in Language Planning, Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, International Journal of Multilingualism, Journal of Multicultural Discourses, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, Language Awareness, Language, Culture and Curriculum, Language and Education, Language and Intercultural Communication.

  8. Cambridge University Press:
    • Roland Sussex, Paul Cubberley, The Slavic Languages (2006)

  9. Lincom:
    • Sova, Radim Vykypl, Bohumil (Editor), Unfashionable Studies on Noam Chomsky and Petr Sgall, (2007)
    • Veloso, João, Da Influência Do Conhecimento Ortográfico Sobre O Conhecimento Fonológico: Estudo Longitudinal de um Grupo de Crianças Falantes Nativas do Português Europeu, (2007)
    • Ikekeonwu, Clara, The Phonetics of Nigerian Languages, (2007)
    • Colarusso, John, Karbardian: East Circassian, (2006)
    • Künnap, Ago, Main Language Shifts in the Uralic Language Group, (2006)
    • Donohue, Mark, Wulguru: a salvage study of a north-eastern Australian language from Townsville, (2007)
    • Wallace, Rex E., The Sabellic Languages of Ancient Italy, (2007)
    • Bayonas, Mariche García, The Acquisition of Vowels in Spanish and English as Second Language, (2007)

  10. MIT Press
    • Robert F. Barsky, The Chomsky Effect A Radical Works Beyond the Ivory Tower (2007)

  11. Oxford University Press
    • Brian Roark, Richard Sproat, Computational Approaches to Morphology and Syntax (2007)
    • James R. Hurford, The Origins of Meaning (Hardback) (2007)
    • Chris Barker, Pauline Jacobson, Direct Compositionality (2007)
    • Jean-Louis Dessalles, James Grieve (Translator), Why We Talk (Hardback) (2007)
    • Irina Nikolaeva, Finiteness (2007)