Fund Drive 2009
Linguist List Restaurant

Fund Drive Song 2009

Written and performed by
our talented Hunter Lockwood and Alexander Werny
Graphics by Susan Smith

It's time once again, colleagues and friends
No more we can spend if you do not send
Then we cannot host, then you cannot post
It's you we need the most, or our pig is roast
Keep us in the black, and we'll pay you back
Connect you to the world, a linguistic oyster's pearl

Click on a pig and donate today, this is the way
Help us to stay, alive one more day
You can sell your books, you can post your abs
And if you have the time check out LL Maps
More new coming soon, but that depends on you
Now's the time to act or someone might get sacked

Post new pubs and jobs right away!
Look and you'll see, our service for free
Comes not easily, that's why we need ye!
You can find a blog, a conference or a call
Fonts and style guides, a little bit for all
Finger on the mouse, mouse upon the pig
Finger with the click, new life in the spring

E-MELD and LEGO and MultiTree!
For you and me, so much you can see
Take yourself on a linguistics spree
Roam around the site, post recipes tonight
Prizes for the best, pot luck linguist fest
We hold you very dear, and let us make it clear
We'll never go away, so long we hold you near

So come on and lend a hand!
It's time again, our annual trend
We cannot give if you do not send
With out us you can't do what you need to do
Without you we can't do what we need to do
Just a little help from you would help us get through

Click on a pig and donate today, and what we say
Please listen close, proceed as you may
Time again, every year, your problems will disappear
At the LINGUIST List it's fund drive time
Buy the ticket, take the ride

All that we ask is for a piece of your pie,
To keep us alive, to help us not die
Women will weep, children will cry if we're forced
From our desks and must work outside
If we are left hung out to dry like meat in the window
Of a shop you pass by

We'll shrivel, we'll shrink, we'll probably start to stink,
Please help keep us from being washed down the sink
Show us you care, spare what you can spare, stuck
In your couches and under your chairs
Look in your hearts, can you afford to part with the
Site that brings linguistics to light from the dark