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Help Organize Fund Drive!

2009 brings a new Grad School challenge organization. This year, we have divided the institutions according to world regions. We want to make sure that different schools around the world get recognition for their efforts during our Fund Drive. You can view the different regions and statuses to find out where your school is placed.

If you are a Grad School Challenge coordinator for your school, send an email to with your contact information. You may be up for a special prize!

Every year Grad School Challenge is a great success. Over one hundred schools worldwide participate.
This year we want to make it even easier for your school to win the challenge! Once you've collected all your school's donations, submit your entry to the Grad School Challenge.

Grad School Challenge 2009 Prizes

Because of the generosity of our publishers and subscribers, this year, we are able to offer exciting prizes to the top five schools in the Grad School Challenge.
View Grad School Prizes

Call for coordinators

Why not be Fund Drive coordinator for your linguistics program?
  • Everything you need is laid out below.
  • Help us and help publicize your school!
Simply download and print out a couple of posters, and copy the email below around your linguistics classmates.

Collect your school's donations and submit your challenge entry all at once to the Grad School Challenge.

Download a Poster

PDF Download

We have provided posters to put up in your department informing people of Fund Drive and where they can submit donations. Click on the links under each image to download the PDF (ANSI-C for American measurement, A2 for International measurement). Click on the image for a preview.

I-Pig        Minimalist Pig
ANSI-C/A2              ANSI-C/A2

Certified Linguist        Piggybank
ANSI-C/A2              ANSI-C/A2

What do we do?

Sample Email

DATE: March 2009
FROM: LINGUIST List Organizer
TO: Student Body
SUBJECT: LINGUIST List donations to me by April 3rd

Dear Colleagues/Fellow Students,

The graduate students at The LINGUIST List have kicked off their annual fund drive, and they're running the Grad School Challenge again this year. I'll be in charge of amassing our donations this year, so please get your donations to me in room 402 by April 3rd.

Just to remind you, The LINGUIST List is the largest online linguistic resource in the world, and no other discipline has anything like it. It provides a central resource for almost all information in the discipline, and it is completely free. A not-for-profit organization run entirely by graduate students and professors, LINGUIST relies entirely on the support of its users to continue.

They spend lots and lots of time organizing, classifying and organizing PhD dissertations, journal issues, new books, upcoming conferences and announcements of job and funding opportunities: in ways linguists find most useful. All of the work is done by their team of graduate students who must be funded if they are to continue.

Please take a moment to consider just how you'd do research, find a job or know where conferences were without The LINGUIST List. We'd like to suggest that it's hard to put a figure on the amount of time the list saves you.

Last year's Grad School Challenge was a big success. In the challenge, schools compete to see who can donate the most in a given time frame, and the winner has their school name paraded across the Fund Drive pages and in all Fund Drive emails.

Please take a minute to throw a few dollars my way, and we'll make [insertyourschoolhere] number one!


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