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From Laura Callahan

Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics, CUNY

The LINGUIST List has been a resource of immense value to me for the past ten years. The inquiries, conference announcements, journal and job listings all help me stay informed of issues and opportunities in the profession. The opportunity to both read and write book reviews has contributed to my research and teaching in ways that would be difficult to duplicate elsewhere.

From Marion Rheiner

Graduate Student, Boston University & Universität Freiburg

Being a Graduate student of Linguistics, I feel the need to keep informed about what is going on in the 'linguistics world' out there. The LINGUIST List digest daily email is such a convenient tool to do exactly this. I get a good overview of new calls for papers/conferences/books/etc. without having to do extensive research.

I think this is an invaluable service to the Linguistics Community worldwide, independent of language or field of specialization.

From Madalena Cruz-Ferreira

Independent Scholar

The LINGUIST List is my academic lifeline. People, resources and happenings are all but a few clicks away, and so are reliable discussions, databases and answers to my questions. As an independent scholar, I can besides keep abreast of current research as and when it happens, and I have a home for my academic website. Not least, I can do all of this through a very, very user-friendly interface.

I don't think I could be a linguist without the LINGUIST List and I think that all of you at the helm are doing a truly magnificent job.

A big Thank You to you!

From Erika Varis

Graduate Student, University of Southern California

I wanted to write to you in appreciation of LINGUIST List and the services it provides. LINGUIST List truly made a difference in my career choice. I had graduated with an undergraduate degree in linguistics, but didn't really know what to do with it besides translation. While working in a translation office, I realized that I didn't really want to continue in that as a career, but was at a loss as to what else was available. I found LINGUIST List while searching the internet for linguistics resources, and started perusing the open job boards, graduate schools, and professors in my fields of interest. It was absolutely invaluable! LINGUIST List convinced me that there are indeed career paths available for formal linguistics, and helped me begin my search for an appropriate graduate program. I am now in my 2nd year of graduate school at USC, and I absolutely love it! I am excited about my research and my future career, and of course, I'm still addicted to LINGUIST List. Please keep up the good work! As a prospective graduate student, it helped guide me in my career & school choices, and as a current graduate student, it is a fabulous resource for conference calls and keeping up with current work. Thank you, LINGUIST List!

From Bitjaa Kody Zachee Denis

Professor, Université de Yaoundé I

I am a regular reader of everything published on the LINGUIST List. I am the Head of the Department of Cameroonian Languages and Cultures in the Higher Teacher Training College in the University of Yaounde I in Cameroon. The information you publish on Calls for International Colloquia and meetings has helped me travel several times around the globe. The information you publish on reviews helps me update my lectures and the information on newly published books helps me to know which ones to buy for the library of the Department of Cameroonian Languages and Cultures.
You are doing a wonderful job! With all my heart, I support what all you guys do everyday.

From Earl M. Herrick

Emeritus Professor of Linguistics, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

As a retired professor of linguistics who no longer lives next to the campus where I taught, I find LINGUIST List a vital way to keep in touch with the profession. It lets me know who is working on what, it lets me know what meetings are being held (even the regional association of which I was once president but which I no longer attend because I do not travel well), and it lets me know where my colleagues and mentors are and what they are doing (and, unfortunately, when some of them have died). I am still writing in my own preferred, rather esoteric field of stratificational graphonomy, and LINGUIST List keeps me in contact with what else is going on in the world of linguistics. And so it is vital at both ends of a career.

From Elena Bonta

Associate Professor, Head of Foreign Languages Department, University of Bacau

I am very happy I have this opportunity to thank you all for the great job you are doing. We all appreciate the big chance we have to know each other's work and accomplishments, to "meet" specialists in the fields we are interested in, to always learn what's new and interesting in different domains, to be in contact with everything that has language and linguistics as the basic framework. It's only due to the work of dedicated people and professionals like you, that we have this chance. Behind screens and pages, with very little chance to be known by people like me, for example, you are "weaving" the large network of linguists and keep them in touch. And (because - as far as I know - not very many have the opportunity to "talk" to editors every day) now, that I have it, I don't want to miss it, and that's why I (simply), once again, say THANK YOU.

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