Las Vegas

Fabulous Las Vegas Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

Desert Decadence

Sin City

Sin City Known all over the world as the world's greatest playground for adults, the Las Vegas metropolitan area is home to almost 2 million people. It is the most populous city in Nevada, and contains more than 68% of the state's total inhabitants.

The area was first founded in the mid-1800s, which must have been quite a task considering the natural hardship faced there. Average temperatures in this extremely dry desert climate range from 99-104 degrees Fahrenheit through the summer, but have been known to reach upwards of 115. Precipitation is fairly rare, and is typically less than 5 inches per year.

Because of lenient laws regarding adult entertainment and gambling, Las Vegas is often referred to as Sin City. The legalization of gambling in 1931 and the influence of organized crime in the 1940s has given the city an image of glamor emphasized by the media.

The Strip

Las Vegas Boulevard The Strip is a recognizable landmark the world over: almost four miles of hotels and tourist attractions run down the sprawling Las Vegas Boulevard. The hotels along this stretch include some of the most famous in the world, including the MGM Grand, Paris, the Venetian, Caesar's Palace and Mandalay Bay.

These hotels are home to a variety of restaurants, theater and performance groups, and entertainment facilities; each and every one is both a hotel and casino!

The University of Nevada

The University of Nevada Las Vegas One of the state-funded universities of Nevada, the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) is home to more than 200 degree programs and 17 sports teams. Basketball has become especially popular in the last few years as the Runnin' Rebels continue to do well at the national level.