Madison, WI

 Madison, WI
 Hometown of Monica  Macaulay

Madison is the capital of the great state of Wisconsin, as indicated by the teensy red dot on this map.


On the top of our capitol building is a statue whose name is "Miss Forward." I guess you can't really see her in this picture. She's very inspiring, especially with that name.

Madison is also home to the University of Wisconsin at Madison (shown is the architecturally stunning shoebox known as Van Hise Hall, home to the Linguistics Department and most of the language departments).

ice cream

We're a university that has its own dairy - mmm, ice cream...

And the wonderful Union terrace, where you can sit by the lake sipping your beer or other cold beverage:


There are two famous pictures from the university. First, the flamingos...

And second, the statue of liberty on the ice:


And finally, here's a picture of a resident of Madison, taken a few years ago.


Little did this child know she would grow up to have the honor of being a part of the LINGUIST List review editors team.

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