Djibo is a town in the north-west of Burkina Faso, West Africa, near the border with Mali.

It is home to a large, well-known cattle market.

The majority people group in Djibo are the Fulani, who are semi-nomadic herdsmen. They speak Fulfulde.

The weather is very hot and dry; often by the end of the dry season the Djibo lake has dried up. These candles melted while sitting in our living room.

Dust is a constant. During the dry season Harmattan turns everything brown, and during the rainy season rain is often preceeded by a dust storm.

Most of the buildings in Djibo are built of mud brick; the streets are unpaved and labyrinthine.

Burkina Faso facts
area: 274,200 sq km (105.791 sq miles)
population: 15,746,232
exports: cotton, livestock, gold
main languages: Moore, Gurmantche

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