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Subfield Challenge!

The Subfield Challenge is now underway! Here you can see our list of donations by Linguistic Subfield. Those who are closest to the mark are the current winners of our challenge. Would you like to see your Subfield up on the leaderboard? Donate now to show your support!

Note: Your donation can be entered in both the Subfield and Graduate School challenges!

Eighth Place


Third Place

Computational Linguistics

Second Place


Fourth Place


First Place


Fifth Place


Sixth Place

Language Acquisition

Ninth Place

Language Documentation

Seventh Place

Historical Linguistics

2012 Subfield Challenge Results

Subfield Amount Donated
Sociolinguistics $9296
Syntax $8958
Computational Linguistics $6050
Semantics $5769
Phonology $4642
Language Acquisition $4020
Historical Linguistics $3334
Phonetics $3306
Language Documentation $2447
Applied Linguistics $1769
Psycholinguistics $1632
Morphology $1593
Discourse Analysis $1435
Pragmatics $1165
Anthropological Linguistics $1066
Typology $979
Sign Language $840
Cognitive Science $620
Translation $560
Linguistic Theories $530
Text/Corpus Linguistics $455
Lexicography $450
Forensic Linguistics $280
General Linguistics $240
Neurolinguistics $225
Discipline of Linguistics $200
Writing Systems $150
Ling & Literature $130
Philosophy of Language $120