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LINGUIST List Crew Limericks:

Written by Helen Aristar-Dry

Each year there's a Linguist List Fund Drive

In which the LL crew strive

To collect all the dollars

Without causing hollers

From users too poor to deprive.

Written by Brent Miller

There was a young listserv named LINGUIST List,

whose GAs did study and reminisce

of days free from worry.

The future seems blurry!

But donations ensure that they will persist.

Written by Sarah Fox

There once was a daring young linguist

Who thought he was very distinguished

Until he ran out of money

Was covered in honey

And cried 'cause his dreams were extinguished.

Written by Crew Member

My poor mother has a fit of conniption,

When I fail to adhere to prescription,

The use of informal,

To her is abnormal,

Her rage goes beyond all description.

Written by Matthew Lahrman

What if left with nary a funder —

the beloved List went under!

they'd look with dismay,

and all'd rue the day

the discipline was rent asunder!

Written by Justin Petro

Without money from our many users

Then both they and we will become losers

This does not have to be

Heed not to apathy

There's a choice and we hope you'll be choosers.

Previously Submitted Limericks (Not Available For Voting):

Written by Michael Horlick, The Language Research Center

Paying listers will hardly be tame
whilst seeking a scape goat to blame
for the demise of the service
non-donaters look nervous
while bashfully hiding their shame

Written by Veronika Koller, Lancaster University

There are quite a few linguists whose fate
was improved by LL's up-to-date
job announcements and postings
yet site maintenance and hosting
need commitment and money - donate!

Written by Michael Swan

This list gives you full information
on Aleut, Baluchi, Croatian
all the way down to Z
so I am sure you'all agree
it's well worth a modest donation!

Written by Diane

There once was a guy who left home
unpopular, he left all alone
Oh, how can it be
my own government hates me?

but alas, there is no face like Noam.

Written by Przemyslaw Pawelec, University of Wroclaw

There was a good man of Saint James
who lectured on words and their names
he said: word formation
is not a mere speculation.
get the facts! And_then_give them new names.

Written by Greville Corbett, Surrey Morphology Group

There was a young morphologist
who relied on the Linguist List
when it came to the Fund-drive
s/he would always contrive
to ensure those postings were missed.

but another young morphologist
who relied on the Linguist List
thought harder about it
couldn't live without it
and decided that a few dollars to help the good cause along a bit
wouldn't really be missed.

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