Tucson, Arizona

Naomi Palosaari's hometown also known for cactus

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Desert Cacti photo courtesy of Bill DickersonTucson is not only famous as Naomi's hometown, but also for panoramic desert sunsets and exotic flora and fauna. Home to the Saguaro National Park, the Tucson area has many types of desert plants, including the giant, well-known Saguaro cactus but also prickly pear cactus , palo verde, and varieties of the Bird of Paradise, all of which can be seen from Naomi's parents' front porch. Watch out for that jumping cactus if you are going for a walk!

Wildcats are tops


Tucson is a fiercely proud university town. Most Tucson residents are keenly aware of the current standing of University of Arizona sports -- particularly in basketball.

Sunny and clear


thermometer It's a great day for a walk in the desert--unless it's between April and October! "Sunny" is a pretty safe weather prediction in Tucson. In fact, it's often joked that weather forecasters in Arizona have job security because it's difficult to be wrong. Perhaps, also, though, they run the risk of boredom at work.

Sounds old and new


Tucson has many types of music, but the sounds of classic "American" music can be found in abundance, including such groups as the Old Time Fiddlers, the Arizona Banjo Blasters , and the Canyonaires (pictured to the left). Look at that handsome accordion player--he's my Uncle Bill!


The desert in bloom

Desert photo courtesy of Bill Dickerson


One of the best things about living in Tucson is the ability to celebrate Christmas with an outdoor barbecue. The summers can be brutal, but the mildness of the winter means those family holiday gatherings can spread to the front porch and beyond...and often do.

A river in the desert

Seriously. That's the Rillito River.


Day trips from Tucson can take you to lively Mexico, a mountain retreat, old-fashioned western towns, or historic museums and buildings. You may wish to visit the Sonora Desert Museum, Bisbee, Sabino Canyon, the Pima Air and Space Museum, or the Biosphere 2.


Tucson is one of my very favorite places, because the people are friendly, the atmosphere is laid-back, and the open landscape gives you that all-alone-in-the-wide-open-spaces feeling. I hope you have the opportunity sometime to enjoy it!