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Limerick Museum

Did you miss a week in our Limerick contest? View all of the submitted limericks here!

Greville Corbett

Surrey Morphology Group

The rigours of morphological analysis

Should not entail financial paralysis

The intellectual reward

Of extracting the card

Increases the larger the donation is

Graham Shorrocks

Memorial University of Newfoundland

There is a young Linguist List Crew,

That's asking for dollars anew;

So send your donation

Without hesitation,

Be it many dollars or few.

Robert Maslen

Freelance researcher/writer, Yorkshire, England

On fundraising

There's few things that make such a splash

as a scholar des langues in a sash.

But with limited funds

there'll be no cummerbunds,

So come on guys, hand over some cash.

Robert Maslen

Freelance researcher/writer, Yorkshire, England

On la vie linguistique

The scholarly pathway is pure,

though the obstacles one must endure

make one ask, 'Was I wrong?

Is it worth going on?'

To be honest, I'm never Saussure.

Robert Maslen

Freelance researcher/writer, Yorkshire, England

The Victorian approach

When such generous minds - not one dim -

set their backs to the yoke with a grin,

they will make their own luck,

and not one will give up

till the LINGUIST List harvest is in.

Kristy Beers Fägersten

Institution för kultur och kommunikation, Södertörns högskola

Money does not grow on a syntax tree

and distribution is not always complimentary.

Parent nodes, brothers and sisters:

Support your LINGUIST Listers

if you want to keep variation free!

Ora Matushansky

Universiteit Utrecht

There is a young LINGUIST List crew

that are -- pretty amazing, but true --

both industrious and funny;

if you give them some money,

there's no limit to what they will do.

Carolyn Sobel

Hofstra University

There was a young linguist from CUNY

whose thesis was driving her looney.

When she got her degree —

for hard work and a fe —

she hoped for rewards not too puny!

Carolyn Sobel

Hofstra University

From French language studies went I

to linguistics, and thence to cogsci.

And just what did I gain?

A crammed weary brain,

that can't even think now of why!


University of Chicago

The tongues of the world to unmute:

a dream since the field's old debut,

to funding of which

we poor and we rich

will never our pennies refute.

Rosina Lippi Green

We linguists go forth analytical

while mavens just scream 'ungrammatical!'

Please give us a hand

and united we'll stand

to face down all forces fanatical

Rena Helms-Park

University of Toronto

A linguist called Blarney from Limerick

Found teanga pranca just terrific

So he pulled down the sign

Of his city so fine

And donated it to TeangeolaíList double-quick!

Rena Helms-Park

University of Toronto

The LINGUIST List tribe were frantic

For their financial assets were static

But their status was heightened

From threatened to fecund

When revitalizers went just ballistic

Liz Ellis

University of New England (Australia)

Sociolinguists are creatures complex

With a marked fascination for lects

In terms holophrastic

They mutter 'fantastic!'

At texts showing social effects

Liz Ellis

University of New England (Australia)

Be it drachma or peso or pound

Let's donate without limits: we're bound

To just open our purse

For what could be worse

Than LINGUIST List laid in the ground?

Elaine May Smith

Mearns FM, Scotland

We took up this challenge on Pi Day

This circle of linguists then cried, "Hey!

Funds from a Limerick

Makes a fine Gimm(er)ick:

It's St Patrick's Eve there on Friday!"

Michelle L. Sheehan

University of Cambridge

There once was a young syntactician

Who was brimming with youthful ambition

But he read the MP

Without knowing GB

And thoroughly rued his decision!

Bridget Copley

Centre national de la recherche scientifique

There once was a linguist from Tech

Who had some strong features to check.

"This Agr-O head

looks intriguing," she said,

"but I can't get this stuff up to Spec!"

Tristan Michael Purvis

University of Maryland

There once were two Wug [sic] who curiously

argued Chomsky (1957) had spoken too spuriously.

For in 1956

they marketed Chex® Metaphor Mix

as "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously."

Robert Maslen

Freelance researcher/writer, Yorkshire, England

Word-fences go up the world over

cutting one person off from another.

We should try to recall

that in speaking at all

we're related, like sister, like brother.

Mary Pearce

SIL International

What d'you think of the plea on the LINGUIST LIST site

For donations to lessen their financial plight?

With their ads and reviews

And their abstracts and news,

It's so trite to be tight, they've a right to each mite!

Brenda Boerger


There once was a linguist that's Sweet,

Who could place London speech within feet.

This philologist told

Of Germanic of old,

But left us before he could tweet.

Cynthia Wannamaker

Mount Royal University

Support all the upcoming linguists

'cause we don't want to see 'em extinguished

so reach for your stash

and fork out some cash

and make some poor linguist distinguished.

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