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University of Toronto Contributors

1. Elizabeth Cowper
2. M Cristina Cuervo
3. Maria Cristina Cuervo
4. Liisa Duncan
5. Daniel Currie Hall
6. Daphna Heller
7. Daphna Heller
8. Peter Jurgec
9. Arsalan Kahnemuyipour
10. Yoonjung Kang
11. Yoonjung Kang
12. Diane and Yves Massam/Roberge
13. Pavel Rankin
14. Keren Rice
15. Keren Rice
16. Diane Massam and Yves Roberge
17. Christopher Spahr
18. Jeffrey Steele
19. Sali Tagliamonte
20. Plus 2 anonymous donor(s).

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