Featured Linguist: Stephen Morey

Featured Linguist: Stephen Morey
Learn about his career and why he loves linguistics!

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The 2014 LINGUIST List Hogtion
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Welcome to the LINGUIST List 2014 Fund Drive!

As an academic nonprofit organization, run by professors and linguistics students, we rely on your donations to keep operating. Our readers' support goes directly to fund the students who edit the mailing list and website; without that support, we'd have nobody to send out the information you rely on. And so each year, we pull out all the stops to create a brand-new website, stocked with contests, original content, and amusements; we write heartfelt pleas; we share the exclusive autobiographies of famous linguists; we compose and perform original songs; we offer delightful thank-you gifts. In short, we do everything we can to win the goodwill (or pity) of our subscribers to encourage their donations.

Fund Drive is always a global affair, with participation from donors, schools, and publishers from around the world. This year, Fund Drive goes a step further: we're taking off on a (metaphorical) whirlwind tour of the entire planet. The LINGUIST List crew will jet to a new region each week, stopping to report on the languages, linguists, and landmarks we encounter along the way. Your donations propel our plane-- if donations lag, we run the risk of getting stuck in a far-off place, or even crashing mid-flight. Want to keep our scrappy crew of linguists airborne and alive? Donate!

Fasten your seatbelts, put your tray tables in the locked and upright position, and join us on our epic trek across the globe... we're TraveLING!

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